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L'Wren Scott Dead

Mick Jagger's Girlfriend

Hangs Herself

3/17/2014 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer who was dating rocker Mick Jagger, was found hanging in her Manhattan apartment today. She was 47.

According to police, the body was found by her assistant this morning around 10:00 AM. Officials say she was hanging from a doorknob.

There was no suicide note found and right now police say they do not suspect foul play.

Scott was known to have dressed Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks and Penelope Cruz for the red carpet.

She and Mick had been dating for 12 years. Their last big public outing was back in November for the launch of one of her fashion lines in L.A.

Mick is currently on tour with the Rolling Stones ... and is scheduled to do a show in Australia on the 19th. Mick's rep said the singer was "completely shocked and devastated" by Scott's death.

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222 days ago


I heard that she broke up with Jagger. That is not enough reason to kill yourself. They also said that she failed in business..In both cases, she could get better anyways. She was well known in her profession. But she was too skinny!. Maybe on drugs. Charlotte Dawson also killed herself. May be they can't cope with aging and they got depressed. What a loss!. Sad. R.I.P

222 days ago


Very sad. She was pretty. I don't understand the words "hanging from a doorknob." A door knob is only a few feet off the ground. Something is not right about that.

222 days ago


I hear people getting upset because she's being referred to as "Mick Jagger's girlfriend." Let's face it, that's what she was. Her clothing line didn't take off until well into her relationship with him. It's fair to assume he was the secret to her success. Nonetheless, it's sad. Fashion is a tough business. Very fickle and combative. As for her hanging from a door knob, it's common. It also means you really want to die because you can easily stand up, but you don't.

222 days ago


I wish she had reached out to someone. This is very sad. I just read a book called Driven Beyond success, I got it from Amazon. Its a rags to riches story by a 70 yr old that had many ups and downs in life including business but he always bounced back. Ironically this guy had dyslexia which no one knew back then was.a disability. Even teachers made fun of him. H3 not only became very wealthy but along the way helped with fbi cases (many), worked in the White House for 8 yrs for service. Thinking had he killed himself none of those things he would have done, he would have missed out on all of them. Its a shame for her, sh3 obviously loved Mick not to take money from him. Anyway, great inspirational book, called driven beyond success, its on and I think other sites as well. I went to the website to order it. DRIVEN BEYONDSUCCESS.COM. I highly loved the book and I rarely read books, only true stories that may help me in some way. You know there are a lot of pics in the book from his white house years and a bunch of celebs and music people, I wonder if she is in any of them. I noticed famous people like jack nicholson, kid rock, Meryl streep...let me know if anyone else read that book and noticed?

222 days ago

Tessa Grénadá    

A door knob?? How? She must've really wanted "out." I would assume our body's natural reaction would be to quickly stand on our two feet. Almost like a swimmer trying to drown him/herself. I guess if you want to commit suicide, it really takes a "strong" mind... That's to bad. R.I.P 🙏,

222 days ago

tronk 72    

Winner Winner, chicken dinner. Yes, Hypoxyphilia or AEA (auto-erotic asphyxiation). There are 500 - 1000 deaths a year in the U.S. attributed to the practice. Almost invariably the same scenario: Naked or partially naked victim, no suicide note and no apparent reason for suicide, yet almost invariably ruled as one. This is definitely one of those activities that is safest when practiced with a partner. Sad nonetheless.

221 days ago


So many people cNt figure out how a person hangs from a door knob. It's simple. End of rope is tied to the door knob, then rope is thrown over the door to the other side, and you have your noose above your head since bathe door is high.

221 days ago


Something's not right here, she texts her assistant to come by, but then commits suicide. 2 things either she hoped the assistant would get there in time to call 911 to save her and her financial issues or is foul play involved. Time of death is going to be important. She couldn't text after shes dead. Anyway I'm just sayin' something don't sound right.

221 days ago


Sad thing is, some people get depressed and suicidal because they've been out of work, lost a relationship, etc. She seemed to have the world by the balls, a long term relationship and was an acclaimed designer. What does it take to keep a person from suicidal ideations or actually committing it? My personal answer was Jesus, nothing else. Everything else is a prop.

221 days ago


I dont know if this was addressed before, but how do you hang yourself from a doorknob?

221 days ago


So sad! Why?

221 days ago


#1-She was 49, not 47. #2-She was not found hanging from a door knob. Who hangs themselves from a DOOR KNOB??? Maybe one of the munchkins, but certainly not someone who was 6'3" tall. #3-TMZ writers SUCK at fact checking or even displaying something called common sense.

221 days ago
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