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Nursing Home Stripper Lawsuit

White Guy Stripping In Front of Black Elderly Mom -- DISGRACEFUL

4/9/2014 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040914_tmz_live_youngblood_launch_v2The son of the 85-year-old woman who fed money to a male stripper in a nursing home says part of his beef is racial -- a white stripper lording over an elderly black woman.

Franklin Youngblood tells TMZ he wants his mother's nursing home to fork over $10,000,000 for robbing her of her dignity.

As TMZ previously reported, Youngblood is suing his mother's Long Island nursing home for organizing a male stripper event ... which he claims embarrassed his mother, who is wheelchair-bound and suffers from dementia.

What's interesting ... Youngblood's lawyer made the photo public ... which seems like the essence of the $10 million claim.  Interesting.


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Did grandma even realize what was going on? Looks like grandma = payday. Anything for a buck.

160 days ago


What I want to know is, how did the money get in her hands to be stuffed into the guy's thong? If you have dementia, you wouldn't put two and two (stripper = cash) together like that. And what does the man's race have to do with the whole thing?? I hope they loose. That's a ridiculous amount.

160 days ago


poor people who need cash. Let's sue someone for something ridiculous. Awesome!

160 days ago


What world do you lve in where you dont think having a naked man throw his crotch in your elderly mothers face is appropriate These days everything wrong is celebrated as just having a good time and if you have a problem with it you have a stick up your butt. THAT being said why would he allow his lawyer to make that photo public if it was so disgraceful?

160 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

Typical poor peson. Leaching off society

160 days ago


The stupid black dude doesn't give a bowel movement about his mother's feelings. That $10 million lawsuit is for him, and him only, even if it settles out of court, something is better than nothing in his mind. I don't see anybody holding a gun to the old lady's head as she tucks a bill into that white dude's basket.

160 days ago


Wouldn't a "good son" be aware of an upcoming event like this if he visited her on a regular basis? That and...she seems kinda into it.

160 days ago

Black Adam    

Black people are the most racist on the earth. We always have to put a distinction on skin color, because it's a learned behavior that keeps being passed down from our Slave ancestors. First step, do away with BET.

160 days ago


The whole lawsuit is stupid. .i was an activities director at one time...any activities are voted through the patients/residents. .then final vote with the administrator. .the nursing home is not going to send in a stripper just because. .from the picture the patient enjoyed herself. .i believe a messy nurse put the pic in the dresser for the family to see to cause problems..there are messy nurses...any activties..each patients gets a calender for all activities for the month..and a big calender so family and. Patients can come he didnt see it...dont make sense...the patients isnt dead..they are alive and well and want to have fun...i dont see the problem...

160 days ago


Why must race be placed into it? Regardless if the guy was white,black,purple it shouldnt of happened. I think their racist

160 days ago


Using your mother to cash-in, ridiculous but not suprised.

160 days ago


The New York State Health Department is investigating this case. They will talk to the elderly mother and determine her mental & decision making capabilities. That is the key to this entire lawsuit.

Court records show that Franklin Youngblood filed a similar lawsuit last spring, but a judge dismissed it in October because the son lacked standing. This time, the plaintiffs say, Youngblood transferred power of attorney to her son during a moment of coherence. The stripper came in December 2012 or the first week of 2013, according to Ray.

The lawsuit, filed in New York’s Suffolk County court, contends Bernice Youngblood suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and advanced dementia and has had three strokes, according to the court filing.

"People have to remember [that] adults, just because they are aged, don’t forfeit their right to make decisions," nursing home attorney Fensterman said. "That’s the fun entertainment they wanted."

IMO, what attorney Fensterman said above is ludicrous when it applies to alzheimer's/dementia. He's basing everyone on the same level and the patients aren't, especially those in pallative, hospice care, religious beliefs & moral beliefs.

160 days ago

Kent Y    

Unbelievable !!So since the guy was White that's part of the reason to sue ,let's flip this and it was a White person suing because it was a Black dancer the uproar would be heard in a much different way COME ON NOW FOLKS it' can't be such a double slandered people will never come together!

160 days ago


More racism cries by black people. When will they get bored with it?

160 days ago


Blacks are the most racist people on the planet

160 days ago
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