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Jackson Brothers

Debbie Rowe Already Abandoned Her Kids Once

4/11/2014 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0411_debbie_rowe_jacksons_tmz_getty2Michael Jackson's brothers are refusing to allow Debbie Rowe to wrestle guardianship of Prince and Paris from the kids' grandma -- at least if they can help it -- telling TMZ, Debbie abandoned her kids for cash after they were born ... and hasn't cared about them since.

Tito, Randy, Jermaine, and Jackie tell us, "[The children] are well loved and well taken care of. We are quite taken back [sic] that Ms. Rowe has decided now to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money."

The brothers are referring to Debbie agreeing to give MJ full custody of Prince and Paris after giving birth to them ... in exchange for a lump sum of money.

The brothers insist the Jackson family -- Katherine included -- wants only the best for Prince and Paris, adding, "Our only desire is to see our niece and nephews continue to go on with happy, healthy and safe lives. We will do everything and anything with in our power to help make that happen."

As we reported, Rowe will file legal docs asking the judge to appoint her guardian so she can move the children to her ranch in Palmdale CA, where she has a business raising and breeding horses.


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Cry Baby    

Waving crybaby Crissy.Big hug ac cross the air!

196 days ago


Yes..I agree, cir***stances have changed, so judge should consider Debbie as Guardianship. She certainly live a more stable life away from the circus. You cannot blame Debbie for giving MJ sole custody which is what he wanted. MJ paid, so the daddy is as much at fault. Those brothers realise MJ kids are the real cash cow, and they want it at home so they can tap into it. Debbie obviously has the kids interest at heart. I hope she gets all 3 kids, incl the most vulnerable, Blanket.

196 days ago

oh really     

You know,,,,when Debbie talked to TMZ live about her engagement ......she mentioned this guys management , with booking some girl groups etc, in I think the Philippines ?
Like a press relese.
Why is she on TMZ doing that ? if her kids are her number one priority?
Maybe everybody has got a number , or reason, they will justify , for what they do ......but this seems like a p r stunt to catapult this guy into MJ circle.....after all he was kicked out for using MJ s I recall

196 days ago


I'm no fan of the Jacksons or Debbie Rowe, but it was very clear that she bowed out completely from the kids while Michael Jackson was alive because that is what he had asked her to do, and she agreed to do (probably before she had them). She still bowed out (and from what I remember was supportive of the family in quotes) until Paris was making suicide attempts.

196 days ago

Blackie Darkins    

As her neighbor in palmdale, I can guarantee that the kids will live in a gorgeous house- but will be bored as shizz! Unless they wanna play 'chase me on my horse, Paris' 'no it's your turn to chase me!, Prince'' 'Ooh! A rattlesnake!'. That's literally all that is fun out here

196 days ago


Michael Jackson has been dead for damned near 5 yrs. And aren't her 2 kids just a hop, skip and jump from being of legal age? After 5 yrs why now? The Jackson family hasn't just become a weird/eccentric family

196 days ago


Greasy Jermaine with the vasaline face and the shoe polish hairline needs to sit his AZZ down. He is no part of this and will never have a part int this. Take care of your child'rn and pay their mommy their montly support to take care of your child'rn. I can fry a egg upon his face, no problem.

196 days ago


where do the CHILDREN WANT to live???? THAT is the BIG question.

196 days ago

Flavia Bubser    

Why did you guys put Marlon`s face in the colaj if he`s not involved?!
Pretty unpreoffesional of you guys .....

196 days ago

kendra bethune    

dear tmz netflix is keeping the micheal jackson tour saga going by making money they showed the abulance the king of pop was in before the funreal where usher sang gone too soon by usher a sad day when he died i watched a do***ent by la toya jackson called the king of pop yesterday i rember him to as a artist the bad and his tory albums they were great i tried to tell janet jackson but could'nt why are they doing this he paid a heavy price for fame micheal jackson

195 days ago


So Debbie Rowe is rushing to become guardian as the kids approach their 18th birthdays, which means she'll have control over their money (before she loses her chance forever), and Marc Shaffel will shortly be marrying her, so he'll have access to the money AND the kids as well. In addition, he promotes GIRL BANDS??? Sounds like he has BIG plans to cash in on Paris Jackson. What a sickening disgrace. A choice between the horrible Jacksons and possibly an even more horrible Mr. and Mrs. Schaffel! Oh Michael, this is your WORST nightmare!!!!!!!!

190 days ago


think101 says: "She has to be after Paris, she knows Prince wouldn't give her the right time."

You are right. Both Marc Schaffel and Debbie Rowe have identified Paris as the cash cow (she's the only one they really want), and "girl band promoter" Marc will promote her as the next Miley Cyrus, getting rich off her back. What if she commits suicide? No problem for him; don't be surprised if he produces DNA evidence proving he's the bio father, and entitled to her share of the estate. Money, money, money...that's what this is all about. The best thing those kids can do is get a place of their own and live together and support each other for a few years with the help of some life coaches and therapists. Prince and Paris should get the courts to make them Blanket's guardian and take him with them.

190 days ago


This is bs! Now that they are turning 18 and about to get a lump some of money she wants them back? She wrong for this she should let them continue going on with there happy lives why take them from the only people they really know and the environment? She needs to have a seat because this isn't right she gave them up for money and now she wanna take there money.

159 days ago
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