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Colin Kaepernick

Retail Therapy In L.A.

4/13/2014 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413-colin-kaepernick-weho-SPLASH-01update_graphic_red_barApril 15, 7:30 PM PT -- Colin Kaepernick was NOT shopping in L.A. this weekend. We've just learned from Splash -- the agency that sold us the photo -- that this pic was actually shot some time last year.

Splash explicitly represented to us the photo was shot on Saturday, April 12.
With the investigation in Miami still in full swing, Colin Kaepernick flew to L.A. this weekend where he was spotted shopping for sunglasses ... seemingly without a care in the world.

Photogs spotted the San Francisco 49ers QB on Saturday afternoon leaving a sunglasses shop on Robertson Blvd., home to a bunch of trendy fashion shops.

Meanwhile, back in Miami ... officials say they are still awaiting toxicology results from the woman who claims she was hanging out with Colin and two other NFL players on April 1 before winding up in the hospital.

As we first reported, a rape kit was administered on the woman at the hospital, where she met with police. So far, officials have not revealed the results.

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Did legitimate news sources really quote TMZ? Hopefully after this debacle of journalism real journalistic papers and sites will reconsider TMZ as a source.

171 days ago


probably just spending the money he knows he will win from you idiots! this guy is gonna own tmz

171 days ago


When did you guys get that picture? Colin had a photo of him taken TODAY with a full beard, damn that dude can grow facial hair.

170 days ago


Hey you TMZ pieces of s**t, why don't you get your lack of journalistic credibility straight. Your site is nothing but a lying, no good piece of s**t. I hope Kaepernick and the 49ers come after you with a lawsuit. The fact you think you should do anything with sports is amazing. Your site knows nothing. You are nothing but a bunch of anti-men FEMINISTS. Which is typical of all celebrity gossip sites. How about you stay out of the sports world and go to f**king hell.

170 days ago


Funny you report this yet today he is in Miami still with a full blown beard that is much older than 3 days... Hacks

170 days ago

TMZ is a joke    

Sue TMZ NOW Colin, this last article is a straight up fabrication with clear malicious intent:


How can you live with yourself and work for TMZ? Trust me young wannabe journalists you do pay a price in time for a lack of integrity, you cannot escape it with rationalization. Quit now and find your self respect again.

170 days ago


The irony, TMZ, is this:

Kap LEFT THE APPARTMENT and Lockette CALLED THE COPS because they knew the woman was too messed up.

So a guy LEAVES because he's concerned about how drunk a girl is when she's lying naked on his bed, and HE STILL GETS ACCUSED OF RAPE BY TMZ.

My god. Do you not see how deliciously ironic your RUMOR MONGERING is in this case? A man is kissing a naked woman, and has second thoughts because he's so drunk, so he leaves, and his friend CALLS THE COPS, and he STILL gets accused of rape.

THIS is why the world hates you, feminists.

170 days ago


How do we know Kaep even kissed her? That's what she says. Lockette called the cops twice because she wouldn't leave, maybe hoping Kaepernick would come back. The hospital also administered a mental evaluation on the girl. Maybe the fact she doesn't remember getting to the hospital is a lie too! TMZ owes this man an apology. How do they sleep at night smearing a man's reputation?

170 days ago


Let's not forget the hospital gave her A MENTAL EVALUATION ALSO. Lockette told the girl to leave and called cops twice to remove her. Now she says she can't remember. Kaep wasn't even present when this all went down.

170 days ago


LOVE! That TMZ got trolled on this picture!!! Screw you Harvey!! LMFAO

170 days ago

TMZ is a joke    

Way to pass the buck TMZ. You can't event take responsibility after everybody knows your wrong. YOU are responsible for what you publish on your site . YOU have to fact check it all without relying on some other service. That's called journalism, otherwise you are just playing story time. This passing the blame to somebody else is behavior that we are taught to correct in grade school. Juvenile wannabes.

170 days ago


Looking for a good read? Check out my true book Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia. It is free to read online. I am certain your going to like it.

168 days ago



Here is what REAL journalism looks like:


"According to a police report obtained by WINZ-AM in Miami, Lockette called 911 twice after the woman refused to leave his apartment. Miami police confirmed to CSN Bay Area that the new police report is accurate, but they declined further comment because Miami PD didn't make the report public."
See how CSN had the police CONFIRM what they reported? See how that works?

All of you who believed TMZ should be ashamed of yourselves. They are clearly a joke.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/10/colin-kaepernick-49ers-sexual-assault-investigation-miami-viceroy/14/#c10637020#ixzz30LwXUmtV

156 days ago
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