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UFC Bad Ass Frankie Edgar 'Mortal Kombat' Was Better ... Than 'Street Fighter'

4/16/2014 10:23 AM PDT

Ken & Ryu were a bunch of BABY BACK BITCHES compared to Sub-Zero & Scorpion ... so says UFC stud Frankie Edgar who tells TMZ Sports "Mortal Kombat" was FAR SUPERIOR to "Street Fighter 2."

"The Ultimate Fighter" star was out in NYC yesterday when we started talking video games -- and he told us the bloody head-ripping, spinal-cord exposing action from "MK" blew "Street Fighter" out of the water. 

But ... it's NOT the greatest fighting game of all time. That honor goes to a NINTENDO classic that had a serious impact on Frankie's training style. Check out the clip. 

BONUS: Frankie also reveals the ONE THING he's afraid of in life ... and it's pretty shocking. 

Let's put it this way ... you'll never look at Garfield the same way again. Watch TMZ Sports on FS1 Get the new TMZ Sports app!
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