Chris Brown Accuser He Punches Like a Little Girl

4/17/2014 3:12 PM PDT
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0417-chris-brown-getty-01On a scale of 1 to 10 -- where 10 is a strong manly punch -- Chris Brown punches at a 6 ... so says the guy accusing the singer of assaulting him in D.C. last year.

20-year-old Parker Adams was on the stand today in the trial of Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy -- also accused of assaulting Adams -- when he was asked to evaluate the strength of Brown's punch compared to his bodyguard's.

Adams said Brown's punch was a 6 and Hollosy's was a 10.

Hollosy has been charged with misdemeanor assault and faces 6 months in jail if convicted. Brown's trial is expected to begin as early as Friday.