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Magic Johnson

Sterling Needs to be FORCED OUT Of the NBA

4/26/2014 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Magic Johnson has had a little time to process the racist comments of Donald Sterling -- directed at Magic himself -- he's very clear ... Sterling either has to sell the L.A. Clippers voluntarily or he should be forced to do it.

Magic tells TMZ Sports ... "He's got to give up the team," adding there's no place in the NBA for a racist.

And Magic says, Commissioner Adam Silver needs to give the ultimatum to Sterling -- sell or else.

Magic reaffirmed his call for a boycott by African-American fans, adding he will NEVER go to a Clippers game as long as Sterling owns the team.

And, listen to how he feels personally betrayed.

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180 days ago


Well, of course he needs forced out, because in America of the 21st Century, if what you say is found disagreeable by the popular zeitgeist, everything you own should be taken away from and you should be shamed until the moment you die.

180 days ago


Magic pls stfu . Bc he disagrees with her bringing blks to the game ! Please just stfu bc ur making a fool out of yourself who cares what he thinks it's free spears I'm sure the blacks in bball are racist against whites etc they just don't say so should they be taken off the team ? Just keep ur mouth closed u sound like a fool now

180 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Whoa. Tragic "I Like to Employ White People"
Johnson, essentially believes Mr. Sterling should
be Black-Listed from an Industry??
Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

RIAA, NARAS,BMI, Studio-"Gangstas"/Chumpsters:
"WE won't let another Mutha-F**** Elvis happen!"
ALL, in DUE time.

Craigslist.com/Hymietown/Rant and Rave Section
"The House of David:
Psalm2_014 NOW"

180 days ago


Sharpton calling somebody a racist? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! And Snoop's music (if you can call it that with a straight face) usually has such a heartwarming, up-lifting message when it comes to race.

180 days ago


y shood he b forced out? bcuz of sum private comments he made 2 his wife in their bedroom? the only thing u peeple hav in ur heart is blak vengeance. u peeple r disgusting.

180 days ago


Sterling goes you're like the ENEMY...

Byatch goes, no, I AM the actual enemy...

Then HITS both play and record.

Throw any set-ups like this out the window.

Prodding Sterling, etc.

We don't know if they're drinking, what.

Brother and I were talking just last week how Racism exists everywhere including the NBA.

This comes as no surprise.

White players get more playing time, more money, more interest from owners/sponsors.

Why d'ya think Matt Barnes plays for the league minimum every year.

Cuz he WANTS to?!

180 days ago


"By the way, I'm tape-recording you for a news and/or entertainment outlet."

180 days ago


What's up with the chick surrepticiously RECORDING Sterling?

- and prodding a RANT out of the guy?

What's HER thing - to endear herself to the Black Community?

Did the money from Sterling suddenly stop?

180 days ago


"HOLD that comment, Donald, let me get some FRESH batteries..."

Byatch looking to get herself famous - become some kind of Rosa Parks-type.

180 days ago


I mean his GF is black...he only said that cause he is old ass f*** he is just an insecure old white rich buzzard

180 days ago


That's a ridiculous comment made by someone who's phone has been ringing all day, and has to take some hardcore stance to prove something. This was a private conversation that should have stayed private.

180 days ago

Dee Kat    

Mj is mad cuz they forced him out the NBA when Mr dirty Dick caught HIV

180 days ago


Get over yourselves Black people. We have a black President and a gay Black on the cover of TIME.

180 days ago


Most African Americans are racist. If a minority walks into a African American neighborhood this person will be attacked or killed. Most of the African Americans hate minorities and whites and say this in public through movies and music. So what is going to be done about this?

180 days ago
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