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NBA Commish

Donald Sterling Won't Go to Clippers Playoff Game

4/26/2014 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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In the wake of Donald Sterling's racist comments on an audio recording ... he is persona non grata at his own team's playoff game ... according to the NBA Commissioner. 

Adam Silver said Sterling "has agreed that he will not attend his playoff game [Sunday] in Golden State" while the league investigates the tape of Sterling arguing with his girlfriend.

During his news conference in Memphis ... the commish was surprisingly strong and deliberate with his words -- calling Sterling's comments on the tape ... "truly offensive and disturbing. "

Silver said the league hopes to have its investigation wrapped up in the next few days -- and said they would interview Sterling and his gf V. Stiviano ... and attempt to understand the context of the recording.

He added that Sterling deserves a fair chance to present his side of the story ... and as a result the league was not prepared to even discuss any potential sanctions.

Several people -- in and out of the NBA -- including LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Rev. Al Sharpton, Lil Wayne, and Magic Johnson ... have said Sterling should at least be suspended ... and at worst ... removed as owner of the Clippers. 

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Why does it always seems as if everyone is so SURPRISED when one of these RACIST ARE BUSTED?

187 days ago


I wonder how many have 'Actually listened' to the whole tape?

Wonder if there would be a different perspective.

187 days ago


What is her MOTIVE? Seems like she always knew the deal. There's more in 'the mortar than the pestle'.

187 days ago



187 days ago



Questions the motivations of Sterling’s girlfriend, who allegedly claimed she would make sure she would
“get even” with him after the Sterling family filed a lawsuit against her accusing her of Embezzling over a million dollars.

187 days ago


Tmost don't like blacks what's the point.??...he said his freinds don't approve of blacks.......are blacks surprised...do they need whites to love them?

187 days ago


Hey, we may need to have David Stern come back and solve this situation. I'm calling for the NBA to investigate its players and the illegitimate kids they create. I would rather hang with a racist than and adulterer.

187 days ago

Dog And Pony    

I bet David Stern is so happy he recently retired as NBA commissioner.

187 days ago


Black people...white people don't need to love u ...deal with it....he is giving money to minorities...he is employing blacks....he may not want blacjs to rent his spartments because of prior experienced....I know I am black and I live amoung blacks and hispanics and the sidewalks are filled with litter and garbage...immagine how they keep the insude of their homed

187 days ago


What kind of name is "Donald Sterling" anyway? It sounds like a made up soap opera name.

187 days ago

Straight upp    

I never go to basketball games.Too many loud obnoxious sweaty black people and they have putrid b o.

187 days ago


The fact that rich white people are racist behind closed doors is not even remotely surprising, like Lance Bass 'coming out' ....

....the main questions for me is this. Based on his ret@rded explanations and justifications, you can safely make the determination that Donald Sterling is not a rocket scientist, and furthermore, is not all that bright. How does a guy like this have enough money to buy the Clippers in the first place.

It certainly wasn't hard work.

187 days ago

Duckie moore    

People have the right to say what ever they want this is still the land of the free? now with that being said all black people that is associated with that team should break ties with that team! dont get me wrong people have all the rights in the world to say what they want in black people chill out in stop crying about these thing they just words! Like i say something like **** those kids that got shoot at sandy hook, that my right to say that,so black people's chill out let it go!

187 days ago


I can practically hear Harvey skipping around TMZ, so pleased with himself for breaking this story. trying to get that TMZ Sports going for a while now. Hope you guys checked the tape real good, otherwise your gonna look like a fool.

187 days ago


It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. - Mark Twain

187 days ago
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