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V. Stiviano

Mysterious Visit to D.A.

Unrelated to Donald Sterling Scandal

4/28/2014 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who taped Donald Sterling has been accused by the NBA of extorting the Clippers owner ... and she also taped hours of conversations which could be a crime if she didn't tell him in advance  -- so it's baffling that V. Stiviano just showed up at the L.A. County D.A.'s office.

Sources connected with Stiviano tell us ... she didn't go there over a case, but to "visit friends."  We're told she worked at the D.A.'s office as an intern a few years back and she just wanted to see some old pals ... yes, it's bizarre.

And if she's just visiting ... why is she carrying a briefcase?

For the record ... the Clippers statement accusing her of extortion is incorrect.  They are referring to a lawsuit filed by Sterling's wife Shelly, claiming she connived more than $1.8 million from Donald.

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If he is racist, why is she with him? And why was he with her? It just seems so sketchy to me.

148 days ago


Its Monday, shouldn't she be at work? Oh wait.

148 days ago


This heaux is disgusting. She lied about her age. She states she's 23.. Another media outlet did a background check and she's 38! You can tell by some of her pics. She's NOT a model. That's money paying a photog to take pics of you. Doesn't mean you're a paid model. She also LIED about being black. She's Mexican and Asian. Let's see pictures of her PARENTS or grandparents. She's also as stupid as they get. She wanted revenge on the wife? She hurt her BF. Wife looks better now. No man around will ever touch a RAT. She BITES the hand the feeds her. Money ran out now heaux bag. Hope you saved some to get those HORSE TEETH fixed. She also has 5 different names she goes by. 5 aliases. What a first rate dumb hooker. That's what she is. Knowingly sleeps with a married man for money and gifts. You can tell how old she is by some of her pics. She clearly coerced him and played him. Karma will come back to her too and she is now hated in all LA and will have to get outta town. That's what happens when you flaunt your gifts and sell someone out. She's as big a biggot as Donald. Money doesn't buy class.

148 days ago


the blatino is clearly uncomfortable in her own skin. this mask buisness truly shows how pathetic she is.

148 days ago



Your going to Actually say something about the illegal wiretapping, prostitute, Elder Abuser who's illegal recordings you use?

Getting some Backlash or
finally getting some common sense and hint of fairness?

TMZ Credibility factor on this one......
'Zip' so far

148 days ago


V. Stiviano must think that she is in a competition with Octomom and Farrah Abraham for the most vile, pathetic, gold digger award. I have to say, she holds her own against these other two sorry excuses for human beings and she could win it.

148 days ago


I thought she connived 3.3 million? The condo alone is $1.8. Trash. Money apparently doesn't buy class. There's not a man in LA that will touch a rat.

148 days ago


Class A Nut Job. She should paste a big "LOOK AT ME" sticker across the front of her visor. Gold digger.

148 days ago


BJ face mask.

148 days ago


Looks like a c*m guard too me.

148 days ago


Maybe they needed some welding done in the building

148 days ago


The wife is a nut job. Just hours ago she was blasting Sterling to the media!! Look at Sterling.. what a bloated gas bag!!! hahaha!!! Wow, he looks like he has one foot in the grave! That is one ugly mofo! The wife is not fairing much better. Her face looks like a catcher's mitt! I am sure the mistress is hanging out with Sterling for the money and Ferrari's etc, hey.. so what... if he is dumb enough to fall for it, and he showers her with lavish gift's and money how is that her problem? I think most people would not turn down that kind of attention. By accepting it , does it make one a "gold digger"? Her character probably is not stellar but she is not the one who is on tape making very bad racial comments now is she?

I hope Sterling loses his team, and is made out to be a pariah. The mistress will leave him, take a huge chunk of his money, and end up shagging numerous NON - WHITE guys!! She has her whole life ahead of her. Thank God sterling has lived most of his! Good riddance Donald.

148 days ago


Maybe she was tired of reading how ugly her face looks so she went to using a mask to hide it

148 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

She looks like the villain from the G.I. Joe cartoons.

148 days ago

Keep It Real    

Sterling is a sanctioned racist who was STILL left to roam unrestrained for decades.

It’s always a surprise to us laymen when the onion layers begin to peel back and you see who is in bed with whom…

- The NAACP knew about him. And still he was given the NAACP President's award in 08, and was set to be given a second next month, because he was a big financial contributor to the NAACP, and because he donated money into Black Youth causes.

- His ex-General Manager Elgin Baylor kept on working for him for 22 years, filing an UNLAWFUL TERMINATION ON THE BASIS OF AGE DISCRIMINATION, which he lost, only after getting fired for lack of production (4 playoff runs in 22 years) bottom line - Elgin wanted to keep working for him...

- Baron Davis knew, but still accepted a $65 million deal from Sterling, and performed abysmally. Baron has recently complained Sterling would berate his performance at games - how many bosses keep quiet when you under-perform at work? He didn't berate his top performers.

- Democratic politicians gladly took his donations....they all knew, and now every one in LA is suddenly 'outraged' because his ex-gold digger 'exposed' him? She was with him four 4 years, said nothing.

- She has 100 more hours of their private conversations, but now that Sterling has offered her money for them, she is in negotiations. So this women doesn't care about racism, or exposing a known racist. She's also in talks to write a book, and now claims she was never his girlfriend, it was a 'business arrangement', even though we hear her talk to him like a girlfriend. She is also claiming Sterling INSTRUCTED HER to record their conversations.

All those rich and connected people in the know in LA now have to act 'surprised'. They better hope Sterling doesn't write a book, lol.

I’m absolutely convinced that racism in the US is like a mistress ho that won’t leave and everyone black white brown yellow is frucking her.

148 days ago
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