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Donald Sterling to GF:

How Can We Make This Go Away?

4/28/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling Girlfriend Recording
Donald Sterling
contacted his ex-girlfriend Sunday and asked her flatly, "How can we make this go away?" ... sources connected with Sterling tell TMZ Sports

Our sources say ... Sterling is keenly aware V. Stiviano is in possession of more than 100 hours of recordings ... some of which are extremely damaging to Sterling's reputation. 

Our sources say Stiviano told Sterling to call her lawyer ... and thereby opened the door to settlement discussions.  It's obvious the incentive for Sterling is to make sure the rest of the tapes never see the light of day. 

TMZ Sports contacted Stiviano's lawyer Mac E. Nehoray ... who had no comment.

We know Stiviano is extremely upset that the Clippers and Donald Sterling publicly embraced a lawsuit filed by Sterling's wife Shelly against Stivianio, claiming she stole $1.8 million from Donald.

As for why Stiviano taped so many conversations ... as TMZ Sports reported, she told friends the Clippers owner WANTED her to record him and he knew he was being recorded ... partly because he frequently forgot what he said and the tapes refreshed his memory ... at least that's her story.

And this is interesting ... on Stiviano's Instagram page, she constantly tagged photos with "#RandomHouse" and "#Simon&Schuster" ... both large book publishing companies. 

Sources connected with Stiviano tell us ... she IS in the process of writing a book "about life" -- but she insists it is not about Sterling.


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He sound delusional and it's obvious she did this without the guy's consent. If he was lucid he would never ask her 'can't we just make this go away', the man is not functioning. She is no doubt after reading this, she set him up to extort. She's edited what she wanted to cash in on him. .. it's pathetic and she ought to go directly to jail

145 days ago


He sound delusional and it's obvious she did this without the guy's consent. If he was lucid he would never ask her 'can't we just make this go away', the man is not functioning. She is no doubt after reading this, she set him up to extort. She's edited what she wanted to cash in on him. .. it's pathetic and she ought to go directly to jail

145 days ago


Don u are going to lose your nba ownership. But do not let this ugly golddigger win!

145 days ago


WTF! seriously now! this story gets more stoopid by the minute! like this crazy chick really has 100 hours of taped conversations WITH permission no less?! not 1person in this story is smart enuff to get away with being this fricken idiotic! I feel bad for the flippers players. there's no good end to this bull**** any time soon for those guys! I'm proud of them for stickin together so far! this crap is only gonna get worse before it gets better!

145 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Obviously tmz is bank rolling this lady. Enough already it's boring

145 days ago


well don't that beat all. Lynch the old white ***** and then a call to some blackmail. now thats racist!

goes to show you black people are as racially elitist as any white person, getting up in arms about some private words spoke and secretly taped in the middle of a relationship problem.

shame on you for passing judgment here!
stop being so ****ing sensitive, do better for yourselves. white people are always a target for black people too.

b*tches gonna b*tch!

get the tapes deliver them to the NAACP, with an apology and sit there with them for a listen, and not to be released, leave it at that.

145 days ago


She's a black racist gold digger with bad gums and little teeth. She knew the guy has dementia and did she alert him she was taping him for it's illegal in some states and California is one. Taking almost 2 million or more in gifts to service his needs makes her a prostitute, allegedly. She is a racist alright which proves it's not about color but the individual. She's an ugly lower life who loves green most of all. Color her criminal at best

145 days ago


Since he has a reputation for disliking minorities why would she lower herself to date him? I know he has MONEY but she is just as bad as he is to sleep with a known bigot/racist fully aware of how he views her.

They deserve each other.

145 days ago


Nobody knows or ever heard of this girl before this whole thing, so please tell me why she feels anyone is actually interested in her life story to actually buy her book? Girl BYE!

145 days ago


Y is he worried??...he's old pretty soin he'll be dead...if he had alot of years left then I would understand his concern

145 days ago


She is quite the opportunist. Those tapes will set her up for life and she didn't even have to have his kid to do it. Mrs. Sterling seems to have labeled her correctly as a gold digger.

145 days ago


Looks like extortion on her part isn't it?

145 days ago


This woman and is a whore and this should be illegal if it already isn't. She was not being abused and if what she claims is true is that his memory was going is what happens to old people this sounds like extortion/blackmail and she shouldn't be able to get away with it. I would love to see some judge make an example out of her and put her in jail. Secondly. If she thinks even one person believes she was asked to record those tapes it just p4ov3s how stupid she really is. A wealthy business owner asking to her record hum. Right. This man has paid millions in taxes over the years, given ma y people obs that they would not have had if it were not for him and this is the thanks he gets. I would sue her for every dime she ever makes for the rest of her life. Clearly in the tapes you hear her goating him on and teyjng to get him to stop sleeping with people. Hasnt she done enough for this man? Where is the anti Gloria Allred, the one that helps the people who have been screwed over. And a book deal. ...reject her or I will never buy a book from a publisher that signs her.

145 days ago


Where are the Gloria Allreds for men like this who obviously is taken ADVANTAGE of. Just an fyi she is carrying a hermes purse. They start at 10K if you fan even get one.

145 days ago


"Clippers owner WANTED her to record him" "refresh his memory" "he knew" ... at least that's her story."

Yeeeea, right.
So says the Prostitute, Bite the shriveled Schnitzel that Feeds her with luxury cars, home, cash, travel and privilege.

Trying to be 'Politically Correct', couldn't this be considered 'Elder Abuse'?
Taking emotional advantage of a senior who's faculties could be questionable.
A case could be made, no?

And when you really listen to what he actually said, not reading quotes or hearing a short edit yet listen to it in full context, you hear far worse on an 8th grade playground, or an NBA court.

And that's 'after' she kept pushing an issue he didn't even want to discuss, to the point he cried and asked why she was doing this to him.

Currently being sued, she released this to try and 'persuade' a better outcome in the current proceedings it could be argued.

I mean really, who's the manipulative, backstabbing opportunist who's tossing this out there in the public for a good pinata beating, just to get what she selfishly wants, from someone else, at someone else' personal and professional expense.

Yet Mob Mentality takes over, the chance to vent and point and scorn another while many pile on blindly.
Red Meat for the overly sensitive PC Police

145 days ago
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