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Donald Sterling

Super Racist Comments About Celebs Alleged

In Super Ridiculous Court Filing

5/4/2014 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0504-donald-sterling-getty-02Donald Sterling made racist comments about everyone from Beyonce to Charles Barkley ... if you believe an ex-Clippers "janitor" who filed for a restraining order against Sterling -- except no one in their right mind would believe this guy.

TMZ obtained a copy of the court doc filed Friday by a Cliff Paul (yes, like the State Farm commercial) who claims he is ... related to Chris Paul, a former janitor for Sterling, and was technically savvy enough to bug Sterling's office for years. You get the picture ... this sounds like a crazy person.

In the doc, he claims to have heard Sterling have hyper-racist convos about Beyonce, Chris Paul, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kim Kardashian --  and most of the language alleged in the document is far too racist to even repeat.

Some tame examples -- Sterling allegedly said Charles Barkley's head looks like a "retread tire" ... and when George Zimmerman was acquitted, he allegedly said ... "Buy that guy a beer." According to the docs Sterling even went to an IHOP with Paula Deen just to laugh at Black dishwashers.

Not shockingly ... the absurd request for a restraining order was quickly denied in a Florida District Court.

No word if this will affect Cliff's contract with State Farm.

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136 days ago


Did y'all hear about the *****ian schoolgirls that are missing? Or the situation in Russia? Tmz: Stop reporting bull**** and DO BETTER! We're sick of this story.

136 days ago


The N word is a word that is used on a daily basis by the black community, im sick of Oprah and al sharpton trash talking white people.. What about freedom of speech??? I can't tell you how many rappers call each other that word or use it but an old white guy says some remarks and suddenly bam let's milk this and do a news story for the next three months.... Welcome to America !!

136 days ago

dr murphy    

Hey black friends,defend him,like that black call girl you paid to say your not a racist,this Man is a classic nut job,he needs to buy a one way ticket to Israel,lax should give his plane first priority.they should only let him have a bagel an cream cheeze on the flight,lol.

136 days ago


We don't know the content of the entire conversation? We all know how things can be manipulated to sound one way when it was really something else? It sounded to me like a jealous old mans private conversation? TMZ has published something that in my opinion is a violation of our civil rights!!!

136 days ago


You can't tell me that every respective black, Hispanic, Asian, native of any country doesn't make fun of the Caucasian race! We're the best to make fun of & that's fine!! The fact of the matter is that no matter what race, religion or political view you have there's always gonna be *******s- everywhere- no matter what. F*ck em & live your life! Happily, honestly & true to yourself!

136 days ago


All the people mentioned are useless, except maybe Chris Paul. The only thing he is good for is basketball.

136 days ago


Wanna hear something funny?? People at work call black people Mondays!! Why u ask, because everyone hates mondays

136 days ago


Freedom of speech

136 days ago



136 days ago

Yusuf Ali    

Donald Sterling is the Real Victim

I am disgusted how Americans, especially black Americans and their allied liberal defenders, have turned the Donald Sterling issue into another black rallying cry about how they have historically been mistreated and how they continue to be mistreated by white people. Yet, there is another reason that is just as equally disgusting and that is how blacks and their equally bigoted supporters have rallied to make out another man’s comments more despicable than they actually were. Indeed, Donald Sterling’s comments were vile and shameful but they were not in any way contemptible as everyone has made them out to be. It is downright equally shameful for high profile characters like Eric Garcetti, Kevin Young, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Tank, Magic Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Eric Dyson and William Rhoden, just to name a few among a sea of others, who have taken the opportunity to lash out their deeply pitted anger and express their opinions in defense to the black cause of fighting oppression. Well, the words of Donald Sterling, bigoted as they were, are nowhere close to being the so-called force that is believed to oppress black Americans. Reality check, blacks are no longer an oppressed people. If they were oppressed they still would be drinking from separate public water fountains and walking on the other side of the street and they would not be paid multimillion dollar contracts to play basketball or football and they surely would not be CEO’s of top corporate businesses and definitely not a president or Congressmen or Secretaries of State to the most powerful industrialized nation in the western world. It is very easy nowadays for black people to play the victim and capitalize on a white man’s bigotry. Now this is true shame!
Americans should be in deep ignominy for condoning the above behavior of these high profile black Americans inciting their fellow black brethren to curse and demonize Donald Sterling for being a racist. These people are out to thoroughly and permanently destroy Donald Sterling who has the Constitutional right as an American to be whoever he wants to be in public and in the private security of his own home. Donald Sterling is the true victim here, a victim of black rage and black racism and black bigotry supported by a nation of liberals who rather live in a state of ignorance and hypocrisy than uphold the standards of Constitutionally afforded rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression without being crucified by a black power that is just as equally racist and bigoted as Donald Sterling. Black Americans want change and they argue against racism but they themselves refuse to accept the truth that they are just as racist and bigoted as the next American. The only change they want is an America submissive and emasculated to their demands for equality. Blacks Americans are also famous for expressing that forgiveness should be exercised as they compliment it with their black Jesus teachings and hanky-holding hour of power bible-thumping sermons. Yet, blacks are the least likely people to forgive anyone who they perceive as their enemy, those who have wronged them in some minor way, as Donald Sterling had done, and make it out as some event of national disaster.
Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a right afforded to all Americans and it is the orb of a secured sanctity that is not found anywhere else in the world. Yet, when people gather to demonize another person for their beliefs or views and search for ways to punish them, whether they are appalling or not, is wrong and tantamount to censorship. It violates the civil and human rights and the dignity of those willing to use it and as individual Americans expressing their views and opinions without the fear of retaliation. Where is the forgiveness towards Donald Sterling? Where is it? There is none because in reality it goes against the mantra of black America and its liberal defenders. Yet, there is another underlining entity of black rage that has not been exposed and this rage is what has been lately expressed by black people like Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne who used racist and bigoted hate speech against Donald Sterling. These men made it clear how hateful and despicable they truly are, how racist and bigoted they have always been towards white people. Yet, even though it is not liked by others it is their right to express such hateful speech and no one has the right to retaliate against them and call for their public shame. Unfortunately this has not happened. Unfortunately it is accepted and condoned by the American public for blacks to be racist and bigoted towards whites but a national tragedy when whites are racist and bigoted towards blacks or Hispanics or whomever else wants to ride the socio-political train to fame and fortune. Adding insult to injury is the idiotic decision of Durrel Babbs, popularly known as “Tank”, refusing to sing the National Anthem at the Clipper’s game and Kevin Young calling Donald Sterling’s comments revolting and the public outcry against it as “a defining moment in history” and the NBA’s Commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to ban Mr. Sterling for life from the NBA and fining him 2.5 million dollars and the NAACP’s two-sense that no one should attend any Clipper’s games is stupendously ludicrous and absolutely nonsensical. Has everyone lost their brains or maybe they’re just made of concrete. It is absolutely insane to let everyone else suffer because of one man’s alleged racist comments thus perceived as being racist and therefore hated and crucified for the rest of his life in shame and obscurity. It is also non-progressive that Mr. Silver’s decision to punish Mr. Sterling outlandishly is highly diametric to the stability of all sports in America. It is wrong to punish a man for his beliefs. We find these types of injustices in places like Uzbekistan and Iran and Russia and China and Saudi Arabia and North Korea—shall I go on—where freedom of speech and freedom of expression are curtailed by the most violent and stringent laws ever found on the face of the earth. America has truly proven herself no better than these above nations for the oppression of civil and human rights. Now this is truly “a defining moment in [American] history”.
Americans pride themselves on being a people of love and forgiveness; a nation that heeds to the Constitutional protection of people’s civil and human rights, but in reality, this has never been the case. America is a puritanical nation that feeds on the public shame and lifelong ostracization of others who make a gaff. When a person make’s a gaff they are not supposed to be continuously kicked when they are down and out. People are supposed to be reeducated and embraced for their wrongs and merciful punishments should trump over judgments that lack parity and balance. What is happening to Donald Sterling speaks in voluminous volumes of how unforgiving and hateful Americans really are. It shows how black America has become just as despicably racist and bigoted as the whites they accuse of being racist and bigoted. We as Americans can disapprove of racist and bigoted people and curse them until we are blue in the face but this will never ever change another person’s or people’s views or beliefs nor will it ever help the matter. We can ignore them, pity them, shame them, hate them, even fight them for their prejudices, bigotry and fears, but this does not mean it will make things better. The only thing that will make anything better is that we as a forgiving people have the opportunity to change ourselves and permanently try to end divisiveness and racial division and separatisms and petty ignoramus beliefs that one particular people is better than another particular people.
I find it absolutely droll and preposterous that Turtle Rock Studios find it necessary to apologize for Mr. Sterling’s alleged racist comments to his “Funny Bunny” made in the privacy of their own home. What the hell does Turtle Rock Studio have to apologize for another person’s views? Do they find themselves feeling guilty for another man’s insults towards black people or guilty of their own secretly involved racism and bigotry? It makes no sense. If anything, Turtle Rock Studios is trying to find an outlet of support to up its image and name as being supporters of its black audience and a place that finds racism despicable even though it refuses, like everyone else has, to forgive another person and help return him back to his former glory as a changed and rehabilitated man. This type of behavior by everyone cursing Mr. Sterling is monolithically and radically held to the public eye a deceptive scheme which only a conscientious black ilk of athletes, coaches, politicians, journalists, talk show and radio show personalities and black civil rights leaders have devised to benefit their rallying cry that they have been long taken advantage of and want justice and reparations for it.
Michael Eric Dyson recently quipped that, “White innocence must defend itself as it is being forced to acknowledge its wrongs.” Mr. Dyson is the epitome of a black racist. His amplified motives are crystal clear that he finds a homely comfort and protection as a mouthpiece for the Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy, whether he fully approves of it or not. He is of a fast dying breed of black men who miserably predicates but miserably fails to uphold the civil rights legacy as a powerful outlet to collectively fight for equality rather than collective separatism. His ridiculous theories about the Trayvon Martin fiasco is evidence enough of his racism and bigotry when he made it clearer than a day is blue that, “More white kids need to die for America to understand racism” and his denial of Abraham Lincoln’s true motives behind freeing the slaves is one for the annals of black racist history. Mr. Dyson’s black aggression against white people incites black youths to retaliate and or attack white people simply for the sake of his hateful rhetoric. It is diametrically opposed to the cooperation of American society to come to a relative peace and harmony. It thoroughly destroys everything true Americans have been fighting for. It is not about one particular people fighting a cause; it is the entire edifice, the entire fabric, the entire existence, and every atom and every blood drop that makes the identity of America a great nation of racial equality and harmonious cooperation that institutes true workmanship and understanding for all people who make her their home. Every dollar and every dream has become a dissecting ambition, which once had the innocence of aspiration; one that honestly and sincerely tried to change the nation into a progressive institute of inter-socio-economic and geo-political nucleus of grace and continuous dialogue, but now it’s just a burning rage of chastisement seeking revenge out of a displaced anger.
I am ashamed, outrightly ashamed, to be an American. The long history that blackness is to be of shame or associated with being shameful is not simply the white man’s creation. I am so sick and tired of being blamed for black people’s so-called economic misery simply because I am a white man. This emotional overreacting of shame to be black is not my problem. I am not the creator of black people’s communication breakdown with white people. Their shame is due to their shameless behavior. White people did not just come up with this truth; it was observed and then expounded upon. It is a terrible thing for people to hear the truth but it’s downright loathsome and despicable when they refuse to accept it then use it against their accuser’s to make them feel guilty and make them the heavy. I do not hold the gun up to black men’s heads and force them to gangbang and act like uncivilized thugs, drinking 40 ouncers and smoking blunts and sagging their pants below their ass cheeks and then have the ever-living-loving nerve to refuse to get an education and learn a trade and hold down a job and pay taxes like everyone else. Yet, it gets worse, the majority of people on General Relief happen to be black people and now they receive this government aid from the same white hand they bite. The racist cycle never ends. Now society has become so overwhelmed, emasculated and liberalized by this black power demonstration that it is awarded an Academy Award for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”. American society has become a festering gangrene-filled wound of customary blackism that it has pervaded and infested every outlet of business, every institution of education, every orb of social media and the podium of the Senate like an incurable disease.
The only implicit racism is that which black America perpetually hands down to white people on wooden plates and Mr. Sterling (like white men before him—Ahem! Don Imus) is its latest victim. Punishing Mr. Sterling and holding him accountable for what he believes is wrong and ethically morally criminal in nature. In closing, the only black man (or should I say the only true man) to make sense out of all this nonsensical hoopla is Cedric the Entertainer. Here is a man of class and substance. He had made it clear that everyone, no matter who they are, each are professionals and have a job to do and each must conduct himself as professionals. With words like these can help start to heal a nation so ridiculously divided but they are just one man’s words, words that need to be uplifted by other sensible men and be honestly and sincerely used to heal our ever wounded nation.

136 days ago


It sounds like Donald Sterling paid off TMZ....

136 days ago


I'm more shocked that TMZ didn't shorten the word ridiculous into "ridic". You know, them being so hip and all...

136 days ago



136 days ago


I'm Asian American, I don't really care what Mr. Sterling think of my race. But I do think his gf/Janitor are wrong for recording him. We all say stuff thats rude and unkind during our private life. Every single one of us has 2 sides of us…It's really no big deal.

136 days ago
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