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Donald Sterling

Lawyering Up to Sue NBA

5/5/2014 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling Suing NBA
Donald Sterling is on the hunt to hire a major L.A. law firm to sue the NBA for suspending him and attempting to strip him of ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Sterling's people were in touch with several law firms last week, including the powerhouse firm Glaser Weil Patty Glaser is one of the top litigators in the country and has repped scores of celebs, including Conan O'Brien and Keith Olbermann. 

And this is ironic ... Paula Deen hired Glaser to defend her in the Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House case ... where Deen admitted during a deposition she used the N word, FYI, Deen's admission occurred long before Glaser took the case.

We've also learned Sterling's people have been in touch with the mega-law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, a 650-member law firm specializing in business litigation.

Our sources made it clear ... Sterling will not go down without a fight.

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I can always hope he dies penniless! Miracles DO happen! That would be SUCH an apropos outcome! In reality, he'll probably cut his life short with all the added stress and strain on his... um .... inner chest muscle that pumps his blood. Wifey, too. V.stiviano should gain a few wrinkles, too.

135 days ago

boo boo    

He's had lawyers in his pocket defending his bigotry for years. He doesn't feel like he said anything wrong. That's why he hasn't apologized to players, fans, staff, etc. he's going to ruin next season's NBA rather than make a billion dollars to sell.

135 days ago


surprising no one. just remember when the court gets involved it could strip the NBA of some of its self given powers.

135 days ago


Good.no one has the right to make him sell whats his.he said what he said to his "confidant"as that dumb chick said she was to him.everyone acts like they never told tbier bf,gf husband wife ,and even thier kids who they can and cant hang out with,who they can bring into thier home.he told 1 specific person this info.and everyone makes it seem like he said absolutely no blacks are allowed at the clippers game.get over it.everyone acts all innocent like they have never said a racial slur.everyone has,and no one will admit it.and with this whole paula dean situation,she said what she said how many damn years ago and everyone had a heartattck over it..really.geez ,talk about crying over nothing.everyone in this world is racist,EVERYONE.its life.its never ganna go away.why hasn't anyone blown up thos whole Adrien Broner rant on Sat. When he fought,and said he just beat the **** out of aMexican. .? Everyone k ows if it was the other way around Al Sharpton would be on the damn news that night blowing it up and calling him a racist.it would be all over the damn news.but is it..nope..everyone needs to stop bringing out the race card,stop bringing up the whole slavery fiasco it was how long ago..? You guys act lile everyone owes you everything because of what happend yearrrrrs ago.every race has gone through ****..stop playing the victims..and maybe you should start telling all these rappers to stop saying and calling each other ****** all the time..then maybe **** will change.

135 days ago

jack wilson    

wow another story on this,is paul walker still dead,lindsay still a crackhead?

135 days ago


BUT WHY! Your a billionaire why not just do something else.Even after your proclaimed hate for black people, you still want to make money off of them? Fake racist..

135 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Unfortunately, he has the money to create a lot of suits. I just hope the Clippers know that the fans are behind them, 100 percent!

135 days ago

nipples mugee    

Lawsuit will go like this,

NBA: your honor, we have recordings of Mr Sterling discussing various racial remarks with his girlfriend.

Sterling s Attorneys: I would like the recordings thrown out on account the whore that produced these recordings did so by illegal means.

Judge: These illegal recordings will be stricken from the record and will be sealed until this lawsuit is over.

135 days ago


Of course he is. Like any anal wart, he'll be difficult to get rid of.

135 days ago


Good for him !!! No one should bully anybody ! It's what u get nba !!! He paid for them he owns them they have no right ! I hope he wins ! Next I hope he goes after Viviano for extortion !

135 days ago


Piece of ****

135 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!    

Yeah!! Rock that NBA boat till it sinks...

135 days ago


Sterling isn't getting removed because he said racist things, he's being removed because those racist words will hurt the bottom line of the nba and are detrimental to the nba (players refusing to play for clippers, demanding trades, coaches refusing to sign with them, sponsers fleeing ect). And all you people saying the nba can't force him to sell, yes they can, it's a private institution and it's in their bylaws. Just like a corporation can fire a board member by majority vote, a team owner can be booted by majority vote. Either way, even if sterling wins, he'll be forced to sell because people will stop coming to games and no sponser, coach or player will come anywhere near the clippers.

135 days ago


lawyer up all you want. if 75% of the other NBA owners say you're out, you're out.

135 days ago

Captn Poopy Pants    

Here's an idea! Why not let him keep the team? Who would want to work/play for him?? Nobody that's who!! Not only will he not have team but he won't make a billion dollars!! Everyone wins except the s***bag! Besides we already have the best team in LA and don't need a ****ty worthless Clipper team! Lakers will get Doc, CP3, Blake, D Jordan add that to Kobe and Pau and you've got the best team ever!! Lakers for life baby!!! Bahahahah

135 days ago
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