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I Definitely Never

Hit My Baby Mama

5/8/2014 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

050814_the_dream_launch_v2The-Dream didn't say much as he walked out of court Wednesday night following his court appearance for allegedly hitting his baby mama, but he did make one thing clear ... he says he never laid a hand on her.

As TMZ first reported, Dream's baby mama, Lydia Nam, claims he punched, kicked, and strangled her one year ago when she was pregnant with his child.

Dream was arraigned in a Manhattan court Wednesday night on charges of assault, strangulation, harassment and reckless endangerment. He posted $20,000 bond and was ordered to stay away from Nam.

On his way out of court, Dream dodged all questions ... but said he "definitely" never laid a hand on her.


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Thizz √$    

Bla bla

170 days ago


No but you have been hitting the buffet!

170 days ago

*Who Carez Bitch*    

You better start HITTING the gym!

170 days ago


How does someone accusing you of beating them automatically grant you a permanent visa? Canadians can enter the US as they wish and stay up to 6 months at a time. So his argument does not make sense. Even if there are legal proceedings - she still can't still come and go from Canada and U.S as she wishes.
If anything, she accusing him of this can jeopardize her re-entry to the US. This guy is a loser. I believe this his 3rd or 4th baby mama.

170 days ago


Only him and his mama call him the dream! POS

170 days ago


There needs to be more fool-proof ways of getting to the truth, not this word against word bs. Obviously I don't know anything about this case. But there are too many people locked up for things they didn't do because of bs alibis and made-up stories. Just hope the truth comes out, whatever it is.

170 days ago


"MMmmm I want it in the worst way,
Plus I just found out: Open Buffet!
Ooh mamma I love foooood,
with a side of fries,
egg beater with some mustard
she keep the stove on high
man look at yummy rolls
man I'm hungry gotta go!
I'm sorry I've got it in for your buffet...."

170 days ago


I just read somewhere else The-Dream has claimed that his ex-girlfriend has falsely accused him of attacking her so that she can avoid deportation to Canada.. If he assalted her, then he should go to jail, if not, she should go to jail for lying and wasting law enforcement's time.

170 days ago

Y.T. Houx    

this is a tough one, on one hand you have a blak guy, and blaks lie like there is no tomorrow, and they are sociopaths too, but then on the other hand you have a girl who screws blaks, which makes her lower than dirt and worse than blaks. so who you gunna believe ?????
I just hope she miscarries, last thing we need is another blak

170 days ago


Who what huh

170 days ago


if a brother wants to play wit asian persuasions like tran or nam then he must also learn how to pay...

170 days ago


Ugh this dude irks me.

169 days ago


I'm sure he never hit her just like I'm sure he never ate a whole hog.

168 days ago

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