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Donald Sterling


5/12/2014 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty incredible ... Donald Sterling goes on the attack against Magic Johnson during his interview with Anderson Cooper.

As you know, a photo of Magic with V. Stiviano that she posted on Instagram was the catalyst for the now-famous recording first posted on TMZ Sports.

Sterling told Cooper he's spoken with Magic twice since the recording became public, and then gratuitously added that Magic has not done enough to help minorities.

But then he went on ... saying Magic was not a good example for the children of L.A.

The interview airs tonight on CNN at 8P.

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Well, Magic Johnson doesn't own basketball teams, hire hookers posing as "archivists," get caught spewing loathesome, venomous racist comments while trying to screw around on his wife then, in the same breath with a mumbled, halfassed non-apology, turn around and publicly backstab and badmouth the guy he just got taken to task for discriminating against...

But really, that's an unrealistic standard of behavior to use for a yardstick.

133 days ago

Cookie Lady    

Whatever. He thinks what he thinks. He's outed, he's a pariah and he's ruined. Now, about his prostitute. What about her? What was said to her was said in private ... before you all jump on me, I'M NOT SAYING IT IS RIGHT TO FEEL THAT WAY, but that's the way he feels. He's a pathetic old man with ugly young women on his arm thinking it makes him look good, pissed off at her because her black half gets all ghetto around black men, as evidenced in pictures. What about her? She deserves backlash.

133 days ago


MAGIC My A$$hole Got Infected Coach.

133 days ago


Before commenting, some posters need to learn the difference between HIV and AIDS. Regardless, both diseases aren't punishment from God. There are other ways to get infected other than sex, including an occupation [ex: healthcare worker]. Sterling should talk about himself, his actions, and stop blaming others for his beliefs.

133 days ago

Rectum? Damn Nearly Killed Him!    

Preach On!

133 days ago


Stop talking about Magic mother focker !!!!! He's a great man, human being and basketball world legend !!! I'm not racist but if someday I'm the last black man Im going to talk is about magic Johnson. Pick up another shipper black...but not with magic is the coolest black guy in this world !! Mother Focker !

133 days ago


Magic Johnson is a dirty little bug

133 days ago


What a complete idiot

133 days ago


All this because he wanted some strange poon. (LOL!!!)

133 days ago

dr murphy    

Oh now he's bashing magic,c mon dude,yea magic smashed a girl who gave him hiv,he went up front about it on t.v.but he bettered himself from it,cleaned up his act,cranked up his love to his wife cookie,they built several inner city restaurants,movie complexes in several states,he's doing a good share for African americans,Hispanic americans,arab americans,white americans,Canadian americans,and others in the inner cities who don't have the privileges to go to those fancy suburban places of businesses,who most time got a beef with inner city people,i went to a outlet mall once,in south new Jersey I was followed by the police into the outlet they waited until a came out of the Ralph Lauren shop,wich I did make a purchase,then as I left they followed me all the way out to the jersey turnpike,I got no record keep all my auto papers current all the time,work hard all week,but your never good enough for many white americans today.racism will always be in the u.s.

133 days ago


This guy really needs to learn to shut up. Does he not have lawyers telling him to keep his mouth shut? There's a reason why lawyers tell you to keep your mouth shut, Donald. You've heard of the right to remain silent? Well use it.

133 days ago


Tragic Magic should get his fat son to lose weight and leave Sterling alone! Why no hate on the con artist jail bird Stiviano? The man didn't want his mistress taking selfies ? Big deal!

133 days ago


Tragic Magic isn't a good role model, look at his son? Enough said!

133 days ago


Look at Sterling. How many women has he been with since he's been married? What has Magic Johnson done that Sterling hasn't done? He needs to look in the mirror. The only thing different is Magic WAS NOT MARRIED and he got Aids.

133 days ago


Sterling magic thing is not a race thing I think its an aids thing

133 days ago
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