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Macy Gray

I Support Period Day

Women Need a Day to Bleed!

5/22/2014 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Macy Gray Period DaySome women might try to hide it, but it's clear ... their world crumbles ... once a month ... and that's why they ALL deserve paid menstrual leave if they need it -- so says Macy Gray.

It's the latest debate topic in employment -- should women get a paid "Period Day" every month for when their menstrual cycle is at its worst? -- and Gray came out in full support Wednesday night in L.A.

She makes a pretty convincing argument -- but we still gotta ask ...


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Yeah they should definitely get a Period Day. Who wants to work with women at the height of their period anyways ? :)

157 days ago


Women have complained for ever that they want equal pay for equal work. Now you come up with this crap to give them special days off because they are women. Yesterdays women were strong and could work side by side with any man and deserved equal pay. I'm not too sure about women of this era. All they do is complain, but they don't want to produce.

157 days ago


Yeah right. Next month I'll call off work because I'm menstruating. If I do the same thing for the next two months I'll get written up for absenteeism. Take a few naproxen stock up on heavy duty tampons and deal with it bitch.

157 days ago


Most male bosses are extremely understanding when it comes to periods. If I had to run to the bathroom unexpectantly and he wanted to know why..I just had to say..that time of month and he's friggin making a path foor the bathroom.for me. No questions asked..nothing. men are great when it comes to that. Lol

157 days ago


The only problem with this idea is it gives companies another reason to hire men instead. Maybe they should have 12 sick days a year and they can use them for this problem.

157 days ago


I'm a woman. Women have gone all this time without a period day. I don't think we need one now.

157 days ago


Omg please tell me this is a damn joke. In case it isn't. as a woman i find this to be complete horsepoo!!! I mean really we women demand to be created equal. We demand to be seen as just as strong and able as men yet we suddenly can't handle working through our periods?! What in the world is wrong with some of you women? Really how will we ever be taken seriously when we pull dumb things like this and prove just how weak we can be? Can't work through your period huh? Well then I can just pay you less than this man over here. He won't put my business and money at risk once a month. Again we will never be equal so long as women continue to pull this. It's a period not giving birth!

157 days ago


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha … The subj…. is what cracks me up. But, they do.

157 days ago


So an employer is hiring for a job and finds two equally qualified candidates. One is a man, and the other is a woman who comes with a potential extra 12-13 sick days per year. Gee, I wonder who will get hired...? Even putting the hiring aspect aside, most women are too proud to call their boss and tell them that they can't work because of their period, which means that the hard working ones will pop an Advil and work through it like they always have, and the lazy-a$$es will take advantage of the extra 2-3 weeks of days off per year. Since there is no way to actually prove that you're menstruating, it will all work on an honor system. How could that go wrong?

157 days ago


Women should also get a week off for PMS.
Just sayin'.

157 days ago


It may seem like a good idea for women, but it will backfire in the long run. The struggle for women's equality in the workplace has always been based on the tenet, "A woman can do the job as well as a man, and hiring a woman will be no different than a man.". By legally assigning women a, "period day", even if it's just one day a month, employers will have to factor that in in terms of lost productivity, when making hiring decisions. The Women's Liberation Movement has shouted from the rooftops for 50 years, "We don't want special treatment. We just want to be treated equally.". This would make liars out of them.

157 days ago


How can you sit and argue for equality and equal pay for women and then turn around and cry 'period' for paid leave! ? This is just a joke. Besides by the time you have a full time job where this would be a 'perk' and/or 'benefit' you, as a woman, have already learned to deal with your cycle. You didnt skip school every month during College, and you certainly didnt skip work when you were part time trying to get to full time! so WHY would you, pardon the pun, but flush all of that hard work right down the toilet!?!?! ug... Gibberish!

157 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Your st*pid. That's why no one listens to your sht anymore

157 days ago


We have it... It's called sick days.

157 days ago


Personally I think its a good idea but obviously with restrictions. It should only be made available to women with severe form of pmt with a note from the doc confirming diagnosis. Otherwise women will take advantage of the situation.

157 days ago
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