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Johnny Manziel


I Can Party & Study at the Same Damn Time!

5/27/2014 5:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Manziel PartyingJohnny Manziel is a multi-tasker ... at least according to him ... telling all of his anti-partying critics to back the hell off because it's possible to study the Browns playbook WHILE raging in Vegas. 

Manziel went WILD in Sin City over the weekend -- fist-pumping with Pauly D, chasin' bikini-clad women with Rob Gronkowski and sprayin' champagne in the clubs! 

But he also found time to brush up on his playbook ... allegedly ... because after the haters came out and questioned his decision-making (now that he's competing for a starting job) ... Johnny instagrammed a pic of the Browns playbook with the following message:

"Guess it's impossible to enjoy the weekend and study?"

You tell us. 

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BLUE UGLY đŸ’©    


148 days ago


That's why he looks so damn old. He is already worn out looking from all that drinking and partying. He is going to be a mess by the tine he's 40. What this dunce doesnt realize is that people are out to get him caught up and what better set up than getting him drunk at a party with a bunch of thirsty "women"

148 days ago


somebody seems just a little bit full of themselves, don't they?

148 days ago


Enjoy yourself as long as youre not doing anything illegal. Haters gonna be hating

148 days ago


Ahhh, wish I was young again. And to be Johnny Football at that. He probably spent the weekend banging as many chicks as he could before returning to work. He hasn't done anything any 21 year old testosterone filled young man has. The haters are just jealous. At least he wasn't accused of rape, or running around an apt complex with teammates shooting out apt. windows, or stealing crab legs from a grocery store. Do I need to go on. I've watched every game this kid has played and for every doubter that claimed his Heisman year was a fluke, he went out last year and put up better stats. The only thing he has to worry about is Cleveland ruining him like they have with the last 20 plus QB's they've drafted!

148 days ago


Ever heard a lil story bout Matt Leinart, was a QB number 1 pick that love to party with celebs too........where is he now

148 days ago


Hanging with paul d just dropped his iq a hindered points

148 days ago



148 days ago


What's to learn? Its a Brown's Offensive Playbook! Play one: Throw interception. Play two: Get Sacked. Play three: Run off field for punt.

I'm sure he's smart enough to learn at least 3/4 of that playbook. Maybe?

148 days ago


He should save the partying until AFTER he has won something.

148 days ago


He's full of himself, that's why people don't like him. He begged Beowns to take him when no one else would. Johhny seems more focused on a celeb status rather than football. Browns coach already said after his first week he is way BEHIND their current QB in both knowledge and performance. No, he did nothing illegal or anything a normal 21 yr old would do, but there's a big difference, they don't have cameras following them and he's in the public eye. So no, not a great decision to show his seriousness. I guarantee he didn't pick up that book once but to set a drink on top of it. Someone made a great comment - Matt Lienart & Sanchez both big partiers. Where did their careers go?

148 days ago


Wait a minute -- the Cleveland Browns actually use a playbook now? They have plays? There is some rational thought behind that offense???? This is amazing!!!!! When did this happen?

147 days ago

know it all    

Just win Johnny and shut up the haters and jealous losers! If you win a super bowl in Cleveland the mayor should serve you all the women and Champaign you want at tax payer's expense.

147 days ago


I like how everyone rambles off names of failing athletes that partied. What you don't realize is there are just as many successful athletes that partied. Joe Namath...legendary partier and hall of famer. David Wells, threw a perfect game drunk and practically still hungover. Big Ben, hell he raped a girl in a bathroom and still won 2 super bowls. Kobe Bryant partied and supposedly raped a woman, he's successful. It doesn't matter if you drink alcohol, it's how responsible you can be when you do it and if you are rolling with people that are gonna get you in trouble. I have nothing against Manziel's ways, and I wasn't a fan of the pick. But I support him 100% cuz hes a brown now. You all just wish you had his life cuz you are miserable with your own. Its the typical sad person story, put other people down cuz you aren't happy about your life and it makes you feel better! waaahh waaah waahhh!!

145 days ago


We ruined 20 QB's? Or maybe we just drafted 20 ****ty QB's. Name one QB that we drafted that is on another team and doing well for themselves. You're an idiot for that comment!

145 days ago

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