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Lito Sheppard

More Legal Gun Carriers

Could've Stopped Santa Barbara Shooter

5/28/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_litto_sheppard_gettyThe Santa Barbara shooter never would have been able to inflict as much carnage on innocent students if more people were LEGALLY carrying guns ... so says ex-NFL star Lito Sheppard

The 2-time Pro Bowl cornerback -- who happens to be a staunch 2nd amendment supporter -- tells TMZ Sports he subscribes to the N.R.A. theory that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. 

"If you were in a situation like this [Santa Barbara], and you had more legal gun carriers with guns, you could stop it," Sheppard says.

"Like, if you were in a mall and someone started shooting and you had some good people with guns there, you might be able to stop them. Or maybe you would lose only one person or two people instead of like 100.” 

When we asked Lito if he believes incidents like the S.B. shooting -- in which 6 people were killed -- should result in tougher gun laws, Lito balked -- saying, "It doesn’t make any sense for them to make it tougher for responsible gun owners to get access."

"Making it tougher to get the guns will just result in a bigger black market for them."

Sheppard then reinforced his point -- saying, "When someone does something like [what happened in Santa Barbara] and they have the only gun there ... it’s going to be a slaughter. No one wants that."

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And he's totally right too.

147 days ago


The man is dead wrong:

3 were killed by knife in his apartment/dorm room...2 were killed a drive by type shooting...1 was killed in a "walk in a deli and spray a full mag out of a semi auto pistil and run your a$$ off" type shooting.

The 3 who were knifed, were killed one by one by surprise by someone they knew and had no reason to fear...so it is unlikely they would have had a chance to pull a concealed weapon and fire.

The 2 who were killed in the drive by were mowed down at random and would not have a had a chance to fire...the bystanders would have been taken by surprise and would have been shooting at a fast moving target on a crowded street...probably causing more casualties to innocent people and missing their intended target.

The 1 killed in the deli was mowed down as well and everyone else --including any concealed weapon carriers-- would have taken cover at once, losing sight of any shooter. If they HAD fired...they also would have probably caused more casualties among innocent bystanders.

I'm an NRA member, have 15 firearms and about 20,000 rounds of ammo and have taken about 75 hours of tactical training classes with handguns, rifles and shotguns...and I can tell you that 75-90% of those non-LEO/non-military concealed weapons carriers don't know their a$$ from a hole in the ground when it comes to drawing, firing & hitting their target under stress...much less while under fire.

Just because you take an 8 hour course on laws regarding concealed weapons, fire 4 rounds at a stationery paper target and get your permit...does NOT mean you can suddenly keep a cool head under fire and shoot your assailants gun out of his hand at 50 feet like in the movies.

I am a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment, and agree there have been many instances as of late where a trained person with a concealed weapon could/would have made all the difference in the world...but the sad fact is, that in most of the instances that hit the news, a concealed weapons carrier would have more than likely killed or wounded an innocent bystander and/or gotten themselves killed...at best they might have scared the assailant off while firing wildly.

I fully support people exercising their 2nd amendment rights and getting a CCW...but please get some training and practice, practice, practice...otherwise the streets will look like a scene from some western with a bunch of drunk "Bubba's" blasting everything in sight...except for what they intended to hit.

147 days ago


There are mental health laws in every state where parents can have their children commited
It is 100 percent on his parents and those who knew him and his rants
Amanda Burnes
After the newton shootings anyone who knows their children are mentally unstable that does nothing to help their children should be held equally to blame
Dont blame anyone but his parents

147 days ago


He's correct.

Look at all the places mass shootings like this have occurred. Gun Free Zones. Hello?

Look at places like Chicago, NY and places where gun restrictions are heaviest. They have the worse crime.
Coincidence? Not.
And there is Far more evidence to support this.

The Issue here is NOT guns anyway as a gun was not the only thing used. So STOP with the BLAME on guns.

I will say... I'd much rather be in Texas let's say, and have something like this happen than L.A. cause more than likely, there would have been responsible citizens defending against that mad man.

Speaking of Mad Man.... THAT is where we need to look. The common denominator in these cases that all link together... Mental Illness.
THAT is where we need to focus, NOT guns.

PEOPLE kill...... Not objects.

147 days ago


After Sandy Hook, the NRA wanted teachers and security guards to be armed. Add a guard tower while you're at it. And a guard tower and armed guards at a check point so you can drive down the street to Walmart. Or just check if the guy is nuts before you sell him a handgun or an uzi! duh

147 days ago


That's The Way We Roll In Utah.
::::::::::::::⇛ ( ۞_۟۞)¸.°•¸.°•

146 days ago


The most likely thing to have happen in your home if you have a firearm there is the injury of you or one of your family members. The odds are really bad. Originally, 43 to 1 by Kellerman. So what if it is only 20 to 1. As fearful as you are, still the most likely event is you or yours getting injured. A really bad bet.

146 days ago


This was tragic.he was able to buy guns even though he was clearly insane.more guns won't solve anything.

146 days ago


Such bullsh*t. I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and the sh*t (you guys even have to censor this word; I’m adjusting) happening in the USA with gun violence is just ridiculous, but claims like the one he’s making even more. The thought of people around me carrying a gun is just unimaginable to me. Even with law enforcement, of whom everyone knows they carry one, you can’t always know for sure they use it correctly. How are you justifying creating the opportunity for anyone to carry one without really knowing their intention? How can you not change your minds/hearts about your gun law(s) after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? I’m baffled.

Food for thought… USA: more guns = more deaths. The Netherlands = less guns = less deaths. Look up the statistics.

145 days ago


No one's going to blame the company that manufactured the car or the knife. Blaming guns or the NRA is just silly, we should blame the person, PERIOD!

144 days ago

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