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Mike Tyson

I Forgive Justin Bieber

'Everyone Makes Mistakes'

6/5/2014 8:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0605-tyson-bieber-tmz-01Justin Bieber is getting an N-word pass from Mike Tyson -- at least for now ... because "Iron Mike" is chalking up JB's racial comments as a "mistake" that he hopes the pop star can learn from. 

Tyson decided to voice his opinion after watching Whoopi Goldberg discuss the video of Justin's racially charged parody of "One Less Lonely Girl" back when he was 14.

Whoopi had said Bieber's youth and Canadian-ness factored into why he thought it may have been OK to use the word at the time ... but believes that he's since learned the word is off-limits.

Tyson agreed -- tweeting, "I agree with you @whoopigoldberg. We all make mistakes and I believe @justinbieber is learning."

If you're keeping count ... Tyson, Mayweather, Goldberg and Lil Wayne have all voiced support for Justin, who has since apologized for dropping the n-bombs.  

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BLUE UGLY đź’©    

Who else are you gonna dredge up for their opinion. Their opinion doesn't matter

78 days ago


The hypocrisy of this is too funny.. Why do you keep giving this little POS a pass on everything?? How many times does he get to use the young/Canadian/ignorance card?? What a joke & shame on TMZ for being the hypocrite ringleader..

78 days ago


Funny how he gets a pass but not a 80 year old senile man

78 days ago


For sure Mike Tyson knows about mistakes. Is rape a mistake? Does anyone give sh1t what Tysons thinks?

Maybe TMZ should have a picture wall for losers. Some startups for the wall:
Justine Bieber
Mike Tyson
OJ Simpson
Donald Sterling
Justine Bieber
Jeese Jackson
Al Sharpton
Justine Bieber

78 days ago


Bieber say FAAAR More than Sterling yet.....
they give Bieber a Pass, and Roast Sterling on a stick and DEMAND he sell his own property.


Triple Standard?.....
I hear brothers say ***** nearly everyday. Hear my brothers say racist things yet... NEVER this kind of scrutiny, 'let alone ANY' issues.

What a Bunch of Two Faced, Finger Pointing, Double and Triple Standard Politically Correct

Sticks and Stones may break our bones...
yet NAMES will never hurt me.

Remember that! When was the last time a WORD Defined YOU??

78 days ago


Damage Control On Display:

All the vocal ones are coming out of the woodworks. Tyson is another like Weatherspoon that drools at the sight of this boy.

78 days ago


They should re-name his Mexican vacation villa "Damage Control Central"

Probably has a room full of computer monitors and phones seeking updates and PR Stunts.

78 days ago


Only someone who has made mistakes can forgive. Not like perfect people.

78 days ago


What these so called black friends of his don't realize is that by coming out and publicly supporting him and excusing his behavior, they are making things worse for him when it comes to the rest of the public that want consequences.

78 days ago

Sally M    

I am so glad I grew up before people taped and photographed every thing they said and did. If every bad joke or stupid thing I ever did was on tape I would hate it! Life is a learn-as-you-go thing and lots of times you realize later that you were insensitive. Learning from your mistakes is what its about. If you DON'T learn then there's a problem.

78 days ago


A bunch of drug addicted rappers and Mike Tyson a rapist, Floyd Mayweather a woman beater are sticking up for him. Such a shame.

78 days ago


Sure, everyone makes mistakes but The Bieb has made so many mistakes he doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

78 days ago


That song was over the top. Bieber needs to go away. No pass from me.

77 days ago

K South West    

Your brain must be a little rattled

77 days ago


yeah right he gets a pass really really .listen everyone we give too much passes to him yes he is a heart throb yes he is young but he hasnt suffered the consequences or not enough we always give him a pass but really guys he may apologize twenty or thirty time and make the same mistake but today well let him pass but watch sooner or later the word will appear again

77 days ago
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