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Tracy Morgan

Walmart Will Take Responsibility

If Its Driver's to Blame

6/7/2014 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Walmart is stepping up ... saying it will pay expenses for the victims in the crash that left Tracy Morgan in critical condition Saturday morning if its driver is found at fault ... this according to their CEO.

Walmart President/CEO Bill Simon says they're working with investigators to figure out what led to the crash ... adding, "this is a tragedy and we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved."

Simon says, "We can't change what happened, but we will do what's right for the family of the victim and the survivors in the days and weeks ahead."

Prosecutors have already charged the driver, Kevin Roper, with death by auto ... among other charges.


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Why, because someone "famous" was involved?

102 days ago


Walmart will do the right thing. Lucky anything related to government wasn't involved.

102 days ago


Walmart needs to take responsibility for all the horrible stuff it does. For starters, pay their employees, or associates, a living wage instead of the ridiculous amounts they pay now. And improve those working conditions at their stores. Have you seen the unwashed masses that stampede through Walmarts on a daily basis? Scary stuff. I'm praying for you Tracy. The world still needs your crazy humor, and your wife and baby need your love.

102 days ago


U know what if u don't like Wal-Mart go pay hire prices somewhere esle then..leave Wal-Mart alone...don't like them don't shop or work there done...don't worry u fat asses will be back at Wal-Mart within the hours...I shop there all the time....quick to the blame game ...****ing Americans are always lawsuit happy when a big company is involved.

102 days ago


Walmart ain't wastin any time opening the wallet, they know this is a PR nightmare if they don't. Companies like that won't ever say "we'll pay for it" unless they have a disaster to avoid. This has nothing to do with doing "what's right", this is protection.

102 days ago


I was under the impression from other articles that I have read on other sites that they will accept responsibility if the TRUCK is found to be the issue, i.e. mechanical failure. I don't believe they will take responsibility for the driver's actions, but I could be misinterpreting the article.

102 days ago


and now we know why the driver has been charged so fast..seriously the investigation should go longer

102 days ago


If you don't like what Walmart pay their employees, just don't shop there! People are more concerned with Walmarts policies than the people that actually work for them. You can't blame Walmart for what this driver did. He probably works for an independent trucking company and not directly employed by Walmart.

102 days ago


What he said was: “The facts are continuing to unfold. If it’s determined that our TRUCK caused the accident, Walmart will take full responsibility". BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Come on Harvey you should recognize the legalese!!! What... you already stirrin' the pot???

102 days ago


Let's not forget Walmart's "DEAD PEASANT CLAUSE".

102 days ago


I think there deviant heiress should personally go and say sorry!!

102 days ago


If you spent a million dollars a day for your entire life, then you would have the money the wal mart kids have. Or you could spend 20 million a year for 100 years and still have only spent 1/4th. Easy for them to take care of it. Srew Wal-Mart.

102 days ago


This is a story???!!!

102 days ago


There needs to be a longer investigation. If the driver was on the phone, texting or had drugs in his system than that is a big issue but it was an accident then the police need to lessen the charges. You have to look at how long the driver was driving and was there pressure by Walmart to deliver the goods by unrealistic times. Walmart could be responsible and the executives should be charged.

102 days ago


I live very near where this happened.There is a f-in accident every other day on that stretch of the Turnpike.
Whose fault is it really?
I'm not sure if it wasn't a celeb,this driver would be vilified and charged......

102 days ago
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