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'Big Brother' Castmember

Family Comes to His Defense ...

He's Not Racist!!!

6/25/2014 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Caleb Reynolds Racist
"Big Brother" did so well with an alleged racist last season ... they're doing it again, but this time the family of a man who made racial and homophobic slurs has come to his defense.

Caleb Reynolds -- one of the new "Big Bro" housemates -- called Prez Obama a "Muslim monkey" and he also used a homophobic slur, but his family 86'd his entire Instagram account after a torrent of criticism.  

But Reynolds' family members tell TMZ ... Caleb is being judged for something he wrote two years ago, not long after he returned home from a tour in Iraq. His brother tells us, "A racist man doesn't fight next to a black man for this country."

A friend of Caleb's ... who is black ... also posted a video on YouTube this week defending Caleb. 

"Big Brother" premieres tonight.  Ratings went up dramatically after Aaryn Gries went on a racist rant last season.  We'll see what happens this time around.

By the way ... there's no way CBS didn't know about this ... they do background checks on all contestants for reality shows and scour social media.



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lol at the people on their high horses blasting something this guy posted TWO years ago. like they have never said or done anything stupid in their lives.

64 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

His wife wants children to monitor their parents for racism. Sounds like Nazi Germany!

64 days ago


"A racist man doesn't fight next to a black man for this country."
Riiiiight. Cause no racists fought for America in Iraq, or Afghanistan... or Kuwait, or Vietnam, or Korea, apparently. Look, not only is Caleb a racist, but he's a narcissistic douche. "Insain_physique" what a joke this guy is. *******s like this give cowboy hats a bad name... and that's becoming harder and harder to do.

64 days ago

Supr Dav     

Racism is a one way street in America.

64 days ago


this is why cbs has trouble finding people to go on this show..the over sensitive cat ladies who have nothing to do but sit at home all day and google these peoples names trying to find a "scandalous" post by one of them to send to tmz and ruin their lives.

64 days ago


We have a right to hate anyone we want. I HATE ***z and brownies. Fk you if you dont like it.

64 days ago

The Ghost Of Malcom X    

White people are and will always be RACIST!! They just learned how to hide their racism after Black people stood up for themselves, especially after they saw what happened to white people during the L.A Riots. The only way you can get things done is to be violent, that's how white people always did, put the sword to people's neck to make them submit. Nowadays, they just brainwash Black people to be more white and indoctrinate them away from real African American culture. Always question why people do stuff because they're the devil and the devil is in the detail.

64 days ago


Wait, they managed to find another racist RIGHT BEFORE the debut? Shocker. Clearly this is why the guy got hired. Didn't their ratings shoot up last year with the racists in the house? I know I watched it for the first time in years. Doubt I'll fall for it again, unless there is nothing else on, lol.

64 days ago


LOL...some pretty stupid statements in this thread. First, the fact that someone has 'black friends' or 'fought alongside black men' doesn't mean he is not a racist. I am good friends with my dog, and once helped him when he was attacked by a larger dog, but I still don't believe that dogs are 'equal' to people. Likely our friend feels about the same way. He has no gripe against black people, just feels they are inferior, and should not have equal say in things like politics.

64 days ago

pudge facker    

No sh*t he's wearing a cowboy hat. Love it!

64 days ago


He still sounds like a psycho. He likes to kill pigs for the fun of it and he commented he was disappointed he didn't get to kill some people in iraq. He sounds kill crazy.

64 days ago


Cbs is like tmz ..they will put anything or anyone on to make a dollar! Next!

64 days ago


CBS apparently thinks racism is ok as long as it increases the ratings. Time to boycott CBS.

64 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

These shows are fake and scripted!

64 days ago


Every time a racist person make their ignorant comments the very first thing that they say is im not a why make the comment if your not a non-racist person dont even have that kind of thought in there head so pkease cut the bull****

64 days ago
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