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Michael Jackson

Conrad Has a Cow

On 5-Year Death Anniversary

6/25/2014 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murrary Michael Jackson Death AnniversaryDr. Conrad Murray mocked the 5-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death by popping into a convenience store for a bottle of milk.

In case you don't remember, Michael's code word for Propofol -- the drug that killed him -- was milk.

Murray has commemorated June 25th in various ways ... having his pic snapped in a tearful pose at MJ's mausoleum, dancing at a wedding and various other hijinks. 

This is Murray's first MJ anniversary since being sprung from L.A. County Jail.




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mj fan forever    

He is a DISGUSTING MURDERER and forever remains a CONVICTED MURDERER with no scruple no moral and no ethics, aside from being a socipath also found mentally disturbed who is going to finally rot in hell after rotting in jail MURDERER!!!

84 days ago


This doctor made a huge mistake but at least he's a hero. He saved the future lives of children from that kook!

84 days ago

susan johnson    

There is still time to nail his ass. Think OJ Simpson.

84 days ago

donald keith    

its called having a life you idiots. whats he suppose to do mourn a drug addicts death for the rest of his life?

84 days ago


Why even follow his a** for?

84 days ago

Roberik 22    

Why bring him up? He prob loves the attention

84 days ago


When does he get his crime stoppers money?

84 days ago


You've really hit a low here, TMZ. For awhile I felt that TMZ had actually elevated itself beyond Perez Hilton-style antics and was actually a legitimate and well-respected news celebrity news source.... but lately, with idiotic stunts like this... you've proven that you are nothing but a tawdry tabloid. I'm done with your site.

84 days ago


Really TMZ? Mocking Michael's death by buying a milk? You people are desperate and pathetic.

84 days ago


Come on seriously? Not of fan of this guy but he served his time and doesn't seem to be seeking out much attention.. you guys seem to just be chasing every little thing he does. The reality is MJ would be dead today no matter what, if not this guy some other hired personal physician would have kept feeding him drugs. Yes the doctor should have known better and he chose fame and fortune over his oath and the health of his patient, and he got burned for it. Forever the villain, lost his licenses and he served his time.. move on. MJ is the one who chose drugs over everything else including his kids, his drug use never slowed down, remove Murry from the picture and it still wouldn't have slowed down we just would be reading about another doctor that MJ paid to shoot him up daily.

84 days ago


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84 days ago

mj fan forever    

We love and miss you Michael very much always and forever :'( :'(

84 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

At least the doc did not have Jesus Juice!

84 days ago


This is ridiculous. Who cares if he bought milk? Why draw lines leading to crap that's means nothing? He probably drinks milk every day. Who cares??

84 days ago


Needing to fill space are we TMZ?
Hard to believe you'd throw something out here that is so damn stupid it's not even good for a laugh.

84 days ago
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