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Robert Downey Jr.

Deeply Involved in Son's

Struggle with Sobriety

6/30/2014 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Downey Jr.
has been very privately helping his son struggle with addiction problems for years ... with some success ... sources connected with the family tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... 20-year-old Indio was arrested Sunday for cocaine possession.  We're told it's the latest slip in his ongoing struggle with drugs ... and his dad has been deeply involved in Indio's treatment.

Indio has been in and out of treatment programs for several years.  One source says until Sunday Indio had a fairly long stretch of time when he was clean, in no small part because of Robert's counseling.

We're told Robert feels a degree of guilt as a father ...  because he's been through the same struggle.

One source put it this way, "Because of Robert's own struggle he's very much in tune with his son's sobriety.  And that has really helped Indio."

Everyone we've spoken with says Indio is a good person who is polite, well-mannered and serious about trying to stay clean, but like so many people with addiction problems, he's slipped.

Indio has also seen Robert help others who have struggled, including Mel Gibson.



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highly doubt dad ever cleaned up other than for show, either that or his huge ego and massive career pushed away son and kid got into drugs
no way did a sober present father even for a minute let his kid slip into use and abuse
kid saw a wasted dad and STILL decided it was a good idea to start drinking and druggine himself, real smart, huw dumb are these people? if you never start, you dont have to quit, you know what i think the kid is in trouble because dad never got out of trouble, yes he may not be insane anymore, but how sober is he - really? not, we just dont see it, but see it though his son losing it...

117 days ago


Pass the yayo

117 days ago


He sounds like a good Papa.

117 days ago



117 days ago


For several years....isn't this boy only 20? so has been on drunks since he was a teenager?...Hmm?

117 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Genetic component is just giving Indio a cop out. It's very tricky dealing with your son or daughter who has a drug addiction. Ultimately, though, they are responsible for making or breaking their lives. I wish both of them the very best of cir***stances for Indio's recovery.

117 days ago


we are all crying for this man child who has and never will work a day in his life.

117 days ago


Peope are so hateful. RDJ is one of the few drug addicts in Hollywood who has admitted to their problem and has actually cleaned up his act. I can only imagine how much guilt and pain he is going through seeing his son going the path he has gone down. You should be praying for this man and his family or just STFU.

117 days ago


Like father likes son,would hope his dad would have this situation covered from exsperience.

117 days ago


Less then zero

117 days ago


How charming to see all the know-it-alls claiming RDJ is not sober himself or a good father. I have to also laugh at the people who think addiction only happens to spoiled rich kids who have parents that do not care. You can be from any economic background and have the world's most present and decent parents and still become an addict. I wish the best for this young man. RDJ is a class act who not only hit rock botttom, but owned it and climbed back to the top. The man is sober, regardless of what some would love to believe. He would never have the career he has if he were a drug addict still.

116 days ago


Robert Downey Jr.. Prayers are with you at this time..

116 days ago

Glory Bee    

A terrifying thing. It's real tough for young folks even without the fame and money angle. Mr. Downey has handled this quickly and honestly then moved on to spend his time and effort with his son. As he well knows people who have these issues rarely listen to those closest to them. Equally scary is the fact that rehabs rarely work. I've known people in their early 20's who have done multiple rehabs. Often they are warehoused and the only actual exposure to recovery is when they load them up in "druggie buggys" to drop them off at an A.A. meeting. Perhaps Mr. Downey can find a sober friend Indio can relate to and let him stay with someone who actually cares. By the way, stay away from Chapman House and Above It All. Seriously.

110 days ago


life is the trip
being yourself is the high
not fitting in keeps it interesting
G-d and family keep it real
Matthew 4 1-11
G-d Bless

110 days ago
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