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Joan Rivers

Screw You, Protesters

My Furs Are Older than Me

7/2/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers PETA
Joan Rivers lashed out at animal rights protesters at her book signing Tuesday ... insisting she's exposing the dead animals on her back to culture.

Joan was at Barnes and Noble in Times Square hawking her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva" ... when someone from the animal rights org asked her why she insisted on wearing fur.

Joan seems stumped at first ... then lashes out.

And then the twist ... Joan seems to say she's not in the market for buying new furs, but she's not opposed to wearing the old ones.  

Joan tells the crowd the furs have 2 options ... her basement or The Met.



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Good for you Joan!!!!

These damn PETAzis... I am SO SICK of the celebrities that "claim" to be against cruelty to animals... yet strut around carrying HUGE LEATHER BAGS (you honestly don't think a BIRKIN is made of FAUX LEATHER do you?) Or their "LOUIE B" shoes (AGAIN NOT FAUX LETHER)... you know... the reason the bottoms are (BLOOD) RED right? OH... and those LOVELY SILK KNICKERS???

I don't see any of these PETAZIS going after THOSE celebrities!!! And Joan is NOT THE ONLY SELEB THAT WEARS REAL FUR!!!!!

76 days ago

Timmy Boy    

From all the type of activists out there., these are probably the most Nutz.

76 days ago


PETA is so intolerant of different lifestyle choices. Sad.

76 days ago


Lol PET they crack me up.

76 days ago


Wow i'm sorry but I love Joan Rivers!! All the haters of fur are probably baking or cooking a meal with a nice piece of meat tonight so WHATEVER!! I dont like Peta and YES I love a good looking piece of fur! However, it is true what they say and Joan proves it as well: Beautiful fur is worn by ugly people! Hehe :D

76 days ago


I wish this bitch would just die.

76 days ago

Leggz The Diva    

I love my furs!!!

76 days ago


Screw you Joan Rivers. Just die already you old hag.

76 days ago


PETA is a good organization, one that can be radical at times. For the most part, I believe they are the ones morally correct. I recently became a vegan and now I have the faintest idea of why people wear and eat animals for their satisfaction. I find it cruel in a way, especially since most animals are kind. But that's not my business.

76 days ago


There is so much animal cruelty, deforestation, environmental damage, and brutal killings of animals. Shouldn't they be protesting that instead of a crazy woman's book signing?

76 days ago



76 days ago


i know these protesters and they are not part of peta and do not associate with that faux animal rights organization in any way or form. they are simply independent and outspoken citizens who cared about the issue. the media likes to lump together individuals with 'well-known' organizations who the media have somehow managed to 'dig up dirt on' or who have been otherwise dismissed, discredited, or ridiculed.

76 days ago


I personally know these activists, they are not affiliated with PETA.

76 days ago


I grew up with one of those activists, they are not affiliated with PETA.

76 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

see the thing is, they are free and welcome to refuse to wear furs. they are welcome to inform people and educate them, but at the end of the day, everyone is their own person. people will make their own decisions whether they want to wear furs or not. you can't force everyone to abide by your personal life choices. sorry if all these folks think furs are evil or bad or whatnot, but that does not give them the right to impose their worldview on others. once again, they are more than welcome to stop using or wearing fur, but should be wary of forcing others to do the same because this is their own ideology. i don't think we need to follow their life choices because they say so. most humans are unethical. stop focusing on those who make great targets to make yourselves look like morally superior creatures. go chastise some indigenous tribes for their violations of 'human rights' or 'animal rights'. i'm sure you would not be this popular, as when you do this with a 'wealthy and envied' celebrity. it's a fairly simple and malicious equation. prod where everyone else is already looking for a sore spot. the rich. these protesters are all just a bunch of lame losers who think everyone needs to heed their command. keep dreaming.

76 days ago
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