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James Franco

I'm NOT A Movie Thief!

7/4/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Franco is going after a guy who claims the actor stole his idea for the actor's new movie, claiming the idea for the flick was hatched in his brain alone.

Short story ... Franco has a new movie -- "Bukowski" -- which is about to be released ... it's about Charles Bukowski, a famous fiction writer who died the year O.J. killed Nicole.

Enter Cyril Humphris, who owns the rights to Bukowski's autobiography.  Cyril says back in 2009 he gave Franco the right to create a screenplay based on the book, but the option expired a year later.

Cyril says Franco's movie is clearly based on the autobiography ... in other words, he ripped Cyril off.

But Franco says in new legal docs Cyril is full of crap.  Franco says he was inspired by Bukowski's writings and independently came up with the idea for the movie.

So Jimmy F is asking a judge to toss the lawsuit.


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James Franco is a retard

78 days ago


"When O.J. killed Nicole?"

O.J. didn't kill Nicole, let's get that out of the way first. The court ruled the glove don't fit. But as you can see here, the white man will cast the brother as a murderer regardless of the court's decision. That's how it is in this white man's world. Truth.

78 days ago


franco may bee a play-gerist like labeouf, butt franco is an AWESUM plaigerist! he wood b wel*** over 4 dinner with my familee, unlike labuff who is just a filthy krazy theef. may godd bles and keep jaymez francow!

my english has improved 10 fold since i came 2 a-merry-ca!

78 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Franco is a moron. He's clearly taking notes from Shia LaBeouf on this one.

78 days ago

105 4N93135    

I still enjoy Franco's movies but if you wanna know what kind of guy he is follow him on Facebook and see his posts and "art". Clearly obsessed with Seth Rogen (sexually), obsessed with himself, and just plain strange. No joke this guy needs to see a psychologist for so many reason

78 days ago


I don't care what any of you all say, I like James Franco. Except for when he gets "artistic", then he can be a little annoying.

All he has to do to make money is hang out with Seth Rogan and Danny Mcbride and film it. And poof a few million. I don't see why he would have to steal anything.

78 days ago


Weird but sexay!

78 days ago


Of course that's theft. Pay up freako or let a jury wipe you out.

78 days ago


... See you at the movies!'

78 days ago


Everyone knows people in Hollywood wouldn't steel anyone's ideas, this guy must be smoking crack.

78 days ago


Wake me when Franco cleans those nasty yellow teeth of his

78 days ago

Samuel Crowe    

Nicole brown was a drug abuser so was ron goldman . Two coke heads. Do some research. Oj didnt kill her.

78 days ago

Samuel Crowe    

If you dont remember ron goldman supposedly went over to her house after work to drop her sunglasses off . Why such importance to bring someone some sunglasses at night time? If they were good friends why didnt he bring them another time? Since they hung out frequently. Why werent the other murders that happened that night talked about?

78 days ago


'Women' is a great book. Hope this movie does Charles and San Pedro, CA justice.

78 days ago

Samuel Crowe    

When did anyone actually see oj in the bronco?

78 days ago
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