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Teen Hunter Kendall Jones

Facebook Page with 'Kill Threat'


7/10/2014 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kill Kendall Jones Facebook Page

The "Kill Kendall Jones" Facebook page has been mysteriously taken down.

TMZ broke the story this morning ... Kendall's dad Cody went on the attack against Facebook because the site refused to remove the threatening page, saying it did not rise to the level of genuine risk or physical harm.

Cody disagreed, noting the page showed animals similar to the ones Kendall killed during her hunts but in reverse ... the prey were the victors, standing over the body of the hunter.

Facebook has not given a reason for the take down ... at least so far.  

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Honestly that page was ridiculous and should have been taken down. Yes what she does for sport is disgusting, inhumane and anger-inducing, but at the same time it was legal. It was frickin legal...and that's whats even more outrageous. We should all be up in arms that countries are allowing this type of hunting to go on with the beautiful animals on their land.

Instead, we are threatening the safety of this girl. Lets stop pretending that she is a person. And also let's stop pretending that there aren't nut bags on the internet that see pages like that and then all of a sudden want to make a name for themselves.

I don't know her personally, but I'm pretty sure that she's getting the message. They may not bow down and beg for the internet's forgiveness...but I'm sure they'll be reconsidering and really thinking about the ramifications of their actions from now on. And really, that's the best that can come out of this. all aren't saints. So, carry on....

69 days ago


Shes ugly as ****. Why would you kill an animal you have no intention of eating. Thats disgusting..maybe someone will stalk, and hunt her down, shoot her, and slice her throat..she had no problem doing that to the animals..

69 days ago


Just a bunch of morons complaining about another hunter

69 days ago

michael L    

since I can't make a death threat, my first thought is to wish cancer on her. But instead, I'd like to wish that she gets chronic IBS and has to get a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. Something tells me that would be worse torture for her.

69 days ago


Looks like the peta zip heads are out in force. To the people posting here that these animals are defenseless, are you stupid? Wait, don't answer that, plead the fifth. So a lion can't kill you? Really? To all you haters go get a real life and come over to the real world. I have never seen so many stupid people on one comment section. Go pet a grizzly or lion and help the world out by selective extermination.

69 days ago


This is a good example of not been responsiable in what u post in facebook I don't blame people for feeling this way . She should be worry about someone hurting her. There is a lot of people who feel very strongly about animal n some people r not all there.

69 days ago


shes been beaten with the ugly stick enough. leave this poor inbred hick alone.

69 days ago


I like animals more then humans so yes she should be treated like one of her easy kills...slowly hunted.

69 days ago


I am no bleeding heart by any means but i was slightly shocked seeing these images. Its just odd seeing these huge powerful beasts lying dead next to the little smiling girl. Guns are truly the great equalizer. wow. Did she kill one of all the great animals? The leopard? really?

69 days ago


People can't be this is legal and what she did is legal.

69 days ago


Maybe the father should have a similar page: bad parenting. Killing animals is small penis syndrome (from a right wing/ NRA /gun owning conservative /vegetarian )

69 days ago


Go to hell bitch!

69 days ago


Its not hunting when you have dogs run the **** out of the target or an in closed hunting , were the animals are fenced in. This spoiled little BITCH could not kill these animals if was not for their families wealth! The Hunting Guides do all the work for pay to trap the animals, so this piece of **** can get the kill...

69 days ago


Omg she love animals wow I guess her friends and family should run and run hard because I bet she loves them to just saying 😀

69 days ago


What's impressive is she can pull a strong enough bow back to kill a lion, not to mention she had to get within 30 yards for that shot

69 days ago
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