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Robin Williams

Early Stages of Parkinson's Disease

8/14/2014 11:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Robin Williams' wife says he was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease at the time of his death -- but she says he wanted to keep that battle under wraps.

Susan Schneider just released a statement, saying ... "Robin's sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson's Disease, which he was not yet ready to share publicly."

Susan does not draw a connection between the Parkinson's and Robin's suicide.

She added, "It is our hope in the wake of Robin’s tragic passing, that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid.”


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You should know that "null" is simple word for "quiescence" You are a simple individual in a complex world, "GET A LIFE".

Damn this keyboard, And Damn you "NULL", for having to respond to the simpleton likes of you

36 days ago


I know what he was thinking.Subpoena the Rehab facility here in Minnesota. You will get the answers that the civilized world is looking for.

36 days ago


I'm sorry, I'm being completely honest here...I'm depressed and anxious. Have been for years. Have had suicidal thoughts, NEVER acted on them. Was even told I was bipolar. Went for 2nd and 3rd opinions, turns out THYROID ISSUES! But, I'm still sad, hopeless and anxious. As far as suicidal thoughts, noth lately, truth is, I'm too chicken to ever do it! Plus, I can't imagine what it would do to my family. Says Robin was sober at the time. WHY did he do it?! Was he afraid the Parks would ruin his career? Loveless marriage? Says kids threw his rehab stints and falling off wagon in his face? Suicides always make me so curious, and sad, and scared. So, how do we know of suicide is IN us? Should I be worried? Will something huge send me over the edge? I'm sorry to rant. I'm still so shocked. To see a man I loved for so many years with the same issues, just breaks my heart. It's one thing to feel alone in this world. It's quite another to be surrounded by people that make you feel alone. RIP Robin. You were loved. And, understood much more than you knew.

36 days ago


Why do all her statements seem so cold? As if she's talking about some stranger? Also, why do I get a feeling she's trying to shift blame off herself? This is all so strange

36 days ago


I feel so sorry for Robin, he hid his inner pain, but he wouldn't have been to hide the Parkinsons. Hd spent a lifetime making a career out of manic depressu, this wwwwas just too much

36 days ago


Wtf, I could.t edit thT or tbis. Whi cates, lol.

36 days ago

Black Adam    

He starred in the movie Awakenings and knew what he would end up like. Parkinson's turns people into freaks and I would of wanted to die too.

36 days ago


SO WHY EVEN BRING IT UP THEN? She's making it seem like that's why he killed himself. I am so sick and tired of reading so many articles about why, or how he was looking so frail near his last days. HE KILLED HIMSELF AND WHY HE DID WE WILL NEVER KNOW.....ONLY HE AND GOD KNOW WHY........Sooooooooooooo remember him how you want to remember him but do not try and figure out why........I am sick of people interviewing his first wife, third wife, ex-girlfriends, all these people coming out of the wood work making their stupid comments. He's dead like so many other good actors......It will all die down soon...and we will never hear of this again....

36 days ago


Please ,Leave him alone let his soul rest in peace ...he might not be in peace after All so pray for his soul stop all this madness and cruelty toward him and family ...

35 days ago


We all have a rendezvous with death at some disputed barricade. ALS, Parkinson, stage IV cancer...all bets are off when you factor any of those into the equation. Doesn't make me happy, but can understand a bit better now.

35 days ago


Wow the man dies bc of women who never did care about him, only his money and now they add he had, parkinson, bipolar, etc. doesn't any know that just being depressed is to severe. People need to realize that even millionaires cry too. Stop judge this amazing man who didn't have to go out like this!

35 days ago


Suicide is not the end of pain your just transferring over your pain to other people. It's a cycle that tends to repeat itself along generation. It's a sad way to die and to leave behind a memory of pain and affliction to your loved ones. There is freedom in Jesus! RIP Robin Willams

34 days ago
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