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Robin Williams

Suicide Was 'Spontaneous'

NOT Premeditated

8/18/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Williams Suicide
Robin Williams
did not plan his suicide ... in fact, hours before he hanged himself he was making plans for upcoming projects.

A confidante of Robin's who spoke with him the day before his body was discovered tells TMZ ... they had a fairly lengthy discussion about several deals in the works and Robin was "completely engaged in the conversation."  

The source says Robin was asking lots of questions about the deals ... inconsistent with someone who planned on killing himself.

The confidante says there was nothing out of the ordinary during the conversation ... saying "He [Robin] was unhappy which he often was, but it was nothing unusual."  As for why Robin was unhappy, the source says Robin, like lots of other comedians, "lived in a dark place." 

We're also told no one in Robin's life -- including his wife or personal assistant -- had any idea suicide was looming. 

We're told the family believes whatever set Robin off on his fatal path occurred shortly before he cut, then hanged himself. 



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67 days ago


White problems. Should have put him in the projects so he actually understand what a tough life actually means.

Coward and a selfish narcissist... nothing more. Darwin strikes again. Truth.

67 days ago


That don't mean jack! Nobody knows what was going on inside Williams' mind!

67 days ago


Just because he was trying to keep up appearances doesn't mean he hadn't been thinking about/considering/planning his suicide. He probably was trying to keep anyone from realizing something was up and calling the authorities and/or stopping him. If his toxicology results come back clean, there is almost NO way he just snapped and decided to kill himself in a 12-hour period.

67 days ago


milk the mans death as long as you can harvey, i mean the kardashian money is obviously not enough for you. i know you gotta pay you reject minios, they need to overeat and maintain 40% body fat, buy hipster glasses, fake gold for the one black guy, and you have to drive a fancy car to lessen the impact that you are a 5 foot 60+ old flamer douche bag

67 days ago


Please quit overanalyzing this man's passing with entirely unqualified assumptions and statements about mental health. Thank you.

67 days ago


It's information like this that makes it important TMZ are reporting this story in detail - and their doing it respectfully. It's raising awareness of the signs (if any) and the behaviour of the person before it. Good on you TMZ for handling a very delicate situation with such care.

67 days ago


If it's true something set him off shortly before is it possible Robin and his wife got in an argument shortly before his suicide?

This may all have been an issue of depression or something else entirely BUT shouldn't it be explored before being ruled out? His wife and him live in the same house but didn't speak for almost 24 hours. WEIRD.

67 days ago


I firmly believe the medication he was on is what made him spiral deeper into depression. I don't know, however, if he was on any antidepressants but part of me suspects he was prescribed something after his latest stint in rehab(which we now know was more about his depression.) If he started taking something new, or changed his medication whatsoever it could have had dire effects on his depression. Antidepressants are often linked with causing more depression and rage rather than happiness when someone is given the wrong thing.

67 days ago


I still miss him! :'(

67 days ago


He is the greatest man I never knew. <3

67 days ago


Well I don't believe that at all. A person, especially a famous one like Robin Williams, just doesn't kill themselves on a whim. I think he thought about it for a very long time.

67 days ago


Bull chit. he talked about it for years. how is it that everybody that checks them self out is a coward but hes somehow glorified?

67 days ago


Don't matter how much money u have, the houses cars etc, once u don't know god, then u can never really be happy, and it's very obvious that he don't. People who know god, don't have time to commit suicide. They pray and take everything to god in prayer. Knowing that god will make everything ok

67 days ago


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

67 days ago
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