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Kevin Sorbo

I'm Sorry ...

I Was Stupid to Call Ferguson Rioters 'Animals'

8/21/2014 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Sorbo Apologizes
Kevin Sorbo now says he made a bonehead move in the middle of the night by trashing Ferguson protesters.

Sorbo went on TMZ Live to address his Facebook post, claiming the rioters were using the shooting of Michael Brown, "as an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are."

But ... he didn't fully backtrack his comment that Obama was elected by Blacks.


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I wish he didn't apologize for saying what 88% of America is thinking. There is ZERO high ground in looting and destroying other people's personal property. PERIOD. And now that the truth has come out about cop being severely beat before shooting, I hope media will let the story die.

61 days ago


He's only sorry he got such immediate,negative feedback....

61 days ago


Every thing he said is true. Remember, REGINALD DENNY! You black people done this to him because you didnt like a verdict that came back for Rodney King, that ran from the police. If he would have stopped when he supposed to have it would have never happened.

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61 days ago


BREAKING NEWS: Another "celebrity" issues a fake apology after meeting with his public relations team. Kevin did set a new record as this is the fastest apology I've seen to date....But considering he jumped into a national discussion, he had no choice as this can send an already plummeting career to the abyss

61 days ago

Patti A.    

He said it because he meant it.
And thank you we will keep our President.
Also he needs to check and see all of the other races on welfare. How people from other countries come here and get on welfare and we all know they don't let too many immigrants from 3rd world Black countries into America.

61 days ago


The looters are punks while destroying peoples property. Animals is to kind... I would say the majority of these looters have criminal records

61 days ago

Knecci1 DaughterofaKing    

Smh who is Kevin Sorbo? Hercules? Oh now I understand he needs to revive his career but this is not the way. First you were crying that you weren't considered for Expendables 3 movie, and when that didn't work he got desperate to be relevant again by calling us animals.

61 days ago

You better you better you bet     

Animals are so much smarter than the **** for brains in Ferguson. Yeah, go rob the liquor store. Way to show em how you feel about Browns death! And guess what? I'm not sorry for my comment. I've got the balls to stand behind it

61 days ago


**** you ya has been mutha****a

61 days ago


Kevin Sorbo is a rahe's the racesand se said we have in the black people voted for Obama voting for Obama he called at animals he god of animals come on now really he shooted your s*** up just s*** up people he should have just shut up nobody need his I meant what his opinion he is really a racist ass trust me

61 days ago


And the Market's UP again today. WOO HOO!

61 days ago


Kevin Sorbo is a racist, right wing nut job and his wife makes Sarah Palin look like Mother Theresa. Their kids used to go to school with my children until they were yanked out to be "home schooled." Whenever I see that wife of his at the store, I walk the other way so I don't have to be cornered by her to hear about all of her lunatic rantings. They are both completely insane. I feel sorry for their kids because they are always desperate for play dates, but I would NEVER allow my kids in that crazy home. Yes Sam, if you're reading this -- you're a nut. Stop handing our your business card and talking rubbish at Ralph's to the poor moms in the neighborhood.

61 days ago


Lol what sponsor dropped his ass?!?

61 days ago


I wish these big, tough men would get a set of balls. They make outrageous, stupid statements, then they get criticized and instead of defending their stupidity, they fold like lawn chairs, apologizing all over the place. Kevin Sorbo, another member of the Duck Butter Club.

61 days ago


Nah man stand your ground. It was partially correct anyways.

61 days ago
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