Dina Lohan I'm No Millionaire or a Good Catch ... But Find Me a Dude!

10/23/2014 9:26 AM PDT

Dina Lohan is far from being a millionaire ... and she's got an insane amount of baggage -- but that's not stopping Patti Stanger from pimping her out to potential suitors.

TMZ has learned Dina will guest star on the upcoming season of  "Millionaire Matchmaker" for a few dates -- normally that's reserved for someone with a lot of moolah ... but this season they're switching things up and featuring celebs.

We shot Dina heading into her pre-interview in NYC a few days ago ... and DiLo was mum about her appearance -- as well as the $$$ requirements to appear on the show.

So let this be a warning to any of the dudes Dina meets ... Lindsay Lohan is her daughter, Michael Lohan is her ex-husband, her house had foreclosure issues ... and well, just check Google.