Angelina Jolie SUV Skids, Hits Median, Tires Blow

12/1/2014 6:39 AM PST
Angelina Jolie had a big scare Sunday when her SUV skidded on an oily L.A. road, hitting a median and blowing 2 tires.

Jolie was on the way home from a screening of her new film, "Unbroken." The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept tells TMZ ... the driver was on Santa Monica Blvd when he lost control. The impact was significant when the SUV hit the median and according to one report at least one tire exploded after slamming into the curb. 

Someone in Jolie's camp called the cops because they felt she was being harassed by paparazzi. By the time deputies arrived, Jolie had left in another vehicle.

It appears she's okay.