Justin Bieber Egging Victim You Destroyed My Career So I Want A Million Bucks

3/22/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Justin Bieber's egging victim demanded a million dollars for destroying his reputation as an online auto industry leader.

Sources close to the situation say Jeff Schwartz feels he's known everywhere as the guy Bieber egged and spit on, and it's damaging the reputation he's built up over 20 years in car sales media software.

We're told Schwartz isn't satisfied with the $80k Bieber has already anted up for the egging damage. Now he wants money for his good name. He also wants money because he claims Bieber verbally abused his wife and daughter.

We're told Schwartz gave Bieber's people an ultimatum ... pay him $1 million or else he'd sue. Bieber's people told Schwartz to pound sand, so he filed suit this week.

Bieber -- who moved away from Schwartz and Calabasas -- pled no contest to vandalism for the egging and was placed on 2 years probation.

Justin's people dispute much of what Schwartz claims.