10 Sexy Heidi Klum Moments in Smokin' New Sia Music Video

4/23/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Sia wasn't messing around for her new video for "Fire Meets Gasoline" -- bringing in the big guns ... aka, Heidi Klum and her underwear.

Sure, Pedro Pascal from "Game of Thrones" is there, too. But, we repeat -- Heidi Klum. Underwear. Literal fire.

Check out Heidi's 10 sexiest moments ... just don't get burned!

10. Waitin' For Her Man

9. Give The Neighbors A Show

8. A Roll in The Sheets

7. Sheer Beauty

6. Woman On Top

5. Save a Horse...

4. How Do You Unclasp This Thing?

3. Spread 'Em...

2. Kiss Me!

1. Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them...

Now feel the heat with the entire music video!