Miley Cyrus Gets 'White Girl' Pass From ... 'My Neck, My Back' Singer

5/14/2015 4:22 PM PDT

Miley Cyrus has a new super fan -- the Thug Misses herself, dirty rapper Khia ... who says Miles is the only white girl who could ever pull off her filthy lyrics.

Cyrus damn near bared all of her lady parts while covering the XXX rapper’s ‘My Neck, My Back’ Wednesday night in NYC. Khia tells us she thought Miley's version was bomb because she's "probably the only white girl on the planet that can twerk and talk about getting her p**** licked that it’s acceptable and it be true like my song."

And Khia thinks she and Miles could have a friendship made in p****-popping heaven. She says she's invited Cyrus to collab on her new track, "Yum Yum Sauce" -- which, we gotta say ... sounds right up her alley.