'San Andreas' Film Earthquake Paranoia Spikes Disaster Kit Sales

6/3/2015 12:50 AM PDT

"San Andreas" is a disaster movie of epic proportions and has turned into a godsend for an earthquake preparedness company.

The blockbuster flick has freaked out hordes of moviegoers ... good news for EarthquakeStore.com, which has seen a 300% spike in disaster kit sales.

Among the bestsellers:

-- Quake Alarm – a $34.95 glorified fire detector that picks up a quake's sound wave before the main shock.

-- Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit – For $250, you get a duffel bag for two which includes - sleeping bags, emergency food bars, orange safety vests, a folding hand saw, candles, fire starter sticks, water purification kit …and everything else you'd pack for a weekend camping trip.

The company raked in $100,000 off the kits in the past two weeks alone.

Better hurry. They say the first 24-72 hours following a disaster are crucial ... and everyone knows ... the BIG ONE is coming!!!