Hillary Clinton Rips GOP for $10 Bill Gaffe ... Then Makes Her Own

9/21/2015 7:06 AM PDT

Hillary Clinton opened the door ... pouncing on the Republican candidates for weak suggestions on which woman should grace the new $10 bill, but you gotta see how she answers when we put the question to her.

Clinton was doing the candidate thing -- signing autographs Sunday in Georgetown when our man Colin asked if Maya Angelou should be in the running. Her response: "I was sort of amazed that the Republicans couldn't think of one American woman."

Not entirely accurate -- there were a couple nods for Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony, but yeah ... they also said Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa.

But then Clinton added, "I could give them a really long list if they're interested."

Alright, door's wide open, sooo ... watch what happens when Colin asks for that list. 

Lotsa crickets in D.C. this time o' year.