Meat Loaf Blasts Haters You Don't Like My Singing? Screw You!

10/31/2015 12:30 AM PDT

Meat Loaf lashed out at some critical fans, telling them, "You jerks can go f**** yourselves." 

Meat was responding to a YouTube video in which he sang "I'd Do Anything For Love" at the Arizona State Fair. Some online trolls claimed the singer's pipes weren't up to par.

The "Bat Out of Hell" rock star was incredulous, saying, "You want me to sound like I'm 26 at 68, you are out of your mind. Does Elton sound like he does on Rocket man. Not a prayer."

He went on: "There is no auto tuned vocal in this show and screw you for saying such things. This show Rocks come see it before you make such stupid comments. Sorry I am singing my ass off!!"

Some of the haters apologized, and Meat not only accepted it, he offered the guy who shot the video upgraded seats for an upcoming performance, so he could shoot better video.