Tyler Shields Here’s A Photo Of Hitler Blowing His Brains Out

12/8/2015 12:40 AM PST

Celeb shock photographer Tyler Shields brought Adolf Hitler back to life for a photo shoot just so he could kill the leader of the Nazi party … twice. 

Shields recreated famous images of dead presidents in the past, so his take on the moment Hitler put a bullet to his head back in '45 isn't really a far stretch.

Shields tells us it took him 2 years just to find the right guy to play the Fuhrer … a role won by Kick Gurry. One take features a woman's hand, presumably Eva Braun, pulling the trigger -- in the other he does the deed himself. 

Shields tried to keep things authentic by creating a handmade replica of the gold handgun Hitler supposedly used. He's only planning on selling three prints ... for $20k a pop.