Donald Trump Rally White Man Punches Black Protester ... Cops Make Arrest

3/10/2016 10:34 AM PST
Exclusive Details

A Donald Trump protester -- who happens to be black -- got knocked to his ass by a white Trump supporter, and now cops have arrested the attacker ... TMZ has learned.

The video from the Wednesday rally in Fayetteville, NC shows an unidentified supporter in a cowboy hat totally sucker punch a protester who was already being escorted out of the venue.

Officers, who observed the hit, reacted quickly, but slammed the protester down on the ground -- not the puncher.

We've learned police did not arrest the victim, but did kick him out of the event. As for the punching cowboy -- we've learned he's 78-year-old John McGraw, and he's currently in police custody. According to cops, McGraw voluntarily came in Thursday morning to be interviewed ... and that's when he was arrested.

0310-mcgraw-mug-shot-01We're told he's being booked for assault and disorderly conduct. He's scheduled to appear in court April 6.

This is what happens when you get "escorted" out of a Donald J. Trump rally....note to self, you have to see how the Cumberland County Sheriffs Dept does Keem Jones after a supporter punches him in the face...

Posted by Ronnie C Rouse on Wednesday, March 9, 2016