Donald Trump I've Got a Stake in That Meat ... Even If It's Not Mine

3/9/2016 9:40 AM PST

Donald Trump: I've Got a Stake in That Meat ... Even If It's Not Mine

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Donald Trump's catching a lot of flak over his meat -- since those slabs of beef he called his own, "Trump Steaks," aren't really his -- but turns out he IS in bed with the real owner.

After Trump's victory speech from his golf club in Jupiter, Florida ... critics jumped all over him for bragging about the meat. He referred to Trump Steaks ... a now defunct line of meat he sold in the early 2000s, but reporters on scene noticed the packaging said Bush Brothers -- a FL based meat company.

Bush Brothers confirms it was their product onstage with the Donald, and they didn't know he was going to whip out the meat. But the BB rep added they do a lot of biz with the candidate ... as the exclusive steak supplier to all of Trump's South Florida properties.

Sooo ... he definitely stretched the truth, but the beef is at least Trump adjacent.

Besides, he's got bigger steak issues -- like the fact he cops to ordering his "well done."