Donnell Rawlings Philly Fight Was Racial Profiling ... I'm Not Katt Williams!

3/14/2016 2:18 PM PDT

Donnell Rawlings says race was definitely a factor when fists started flying outside a Philadelphia restaurant early Sunday morning.

The "Chappelle's Show" star touched down at LAX on Monday, and told us the whole incident felt like a "Trump rally" because the entire restaurant turned on a "black guy that might have raised his voice a little bit."

As we first reported, police were called when Donnell was accused of a dine and dash. He says he'd just gone outside for a smoke, and a fight broke out when he tried to get back into the restaurant. In the end, no one was arrested.

On the other hand, Donnell accepts it might have been a case of mistaken identity. Katt Williams has been in a lot of trouble lately.