Katt Williams Clerk Dropped N-Word ... I Did What a Black Man Has to Do

3/1/2016 1:02 PM PST

Katt Williams: Store Clerk Dropped N-Word ... So I Did What a Black Man Has to Do


Katt Williams' explanation for his latest arrest is a classic Katt tale -- accusing a store clerk of racism and outright disrespect of, not just him, but black people everywhere.

TMZ broke the story ... the comedian got arrested Monday for allegedly punching a pool supply store employee in Georgia. But Katt says the worker started the altercation by subtly accusing him of being a criminal, and then hurling a racial epithet.

As Katt put it, "He used the n-word on the last day of Black History Month." And Katt wasn't having it.

You've got to see him describe what happened next. Important note: He doesn't deny punching the guy, and Katt talks a lot about Katt in the 3rd person in this clip.

We got him on his way into an L.A. courthouse where he had a hearing for a different case -- assault with a deadly weapon in Inglewood. He entered a not guilty plea.

Man's got a lot of cases.