Fetty Wap Catch Me If You Can Betcha 800 Horses Ya Can't

6/7/2016 12:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Fetty Wap's got so much horsepower in his new whip, buying a parachute to slow it down might not be a bad idea.

The rapper got the hookup Friday with an 800 horsepower 2016 BMW M6. We're told he forked over $160k to Flawless Auto Leasing to have them trick out the ride BIG time. Factory M6s have a piddly 560 horsepower.

The black-on-black, twin-turbo ride features carbon fiber interior and slick tires to prevent annoying spinouts. If he's not careful, Fetty might take off -- we're told this is the lightest M6 on the market.

Radar detector not included.

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