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'Little Women: LA' Star Christy Gibel Sues M.D.s You Botched My Spinal Surgery

12/4/2017 12:55 PM PST

One of the stars of "Little Women: LA" is taking a bunch of doctors to court for a BIG payday ... 'cause she claims they screwed up her neck in surgery.

Christy Gibel just sued some M.D.s from a surgery center in Beverly Hills called 90210 Surgery Medical Center as well as Cedars-Sinai and other private practices, claiming the whole lot screwed up a spinal cord surgery she underwent with them in 2016.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Christy says she went under last November for a procedure called an anterior discectomy and spinal cord decompression, and during a couple post-op visits ... the doctors overseeing the matter misled her despite worsening symptoms.

She says she felt her left eye drooping, and her tongue swelling, and was unable to speak for a while -- all of which she says she was told would subside over time ... but it didn't. She also claims they admitted her jugular vein was nicked during surgery.

The reality star is suing for negligence and asking for an unspecified amount in damages and medical costs related to the alleged botched surgery. We've reached out to 90210 and Cedars ... so far, no word back.

Astros' Dallas Keuchel World Series Parade Slip-Up ... Reveals Foot Injury

12/3/2017 12:35 AM PST

Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel has proof that a good time can cost you ... he tells TMZ Sports that the walking boot on his foot is a result of the raucous Astros victory parade.

We got DK leaving Catch LA and asked him what's with the new footwear, since we weren't aware of any injuries he got during the World Series.

That's when Keuchel told us ... he actually hurt his paw after he slipped during the festivities celebrating the Astros first ever MLB championship.

We'd say good luck to the Astros in repeating, but we wouldn't want the guy to tear an ACL.

Matt Bomer Praises Magic For AIDS Activism ... 'Incredibly Brave'

12/1/2017 4:18 PM PST

Matt Bomer is praising Magic Johnson for his fight against HIV & AIDS, telling TMZ Sports the Hall of Fame basketball player was "incredibly brave" in taking on the disease.

Today is World AIDS day and Bomer is a huge activist, so when we got him at LAX we wanted to know his thoughts on some of the figures who are helping to win the war.

That's when Matt brought Magic's name up, telling us public figures like Johnson were and are key to defeating AIDS, because they put a face to the disease, and that's key to humanizing it.

Of course Magic did that on a day in 1991, when he told the entire world he'd contracted HIV, and went on to spend a huge chunk of his life helping the world conquer it.

While he conquered just about everything else, too.

OBJ I Make Walking Boots Look Fresh Supreme x Louis V. Design!!

12/1/2017 11:46 AM PST

Somehow Odell Beckham Jr. can even make an injury look cool ... 'cause the N.Y. Giants superstar is turning a negative into a positive by sporting a custom Supreme design on his walking boot!!

Beckham -- who suffered a season-ending ankle injury earlier this season -- showed off the Supreme x Louis Vuitton pattern Friday morning ... and we gotta admit, it's pretty dope.

We know OBJ's a huge fan of the brand collaboration, 'cause we've spotted him out wearing a similar look in basketball jersey form in July.

J.J. Watt Check Out My Gnarly Leg Scar!! ... First Steps Post-Surgery

12/1/2017 9:16 AM PST

Here's the aftermath of J.J. Watt's season-ending leg surgery ... and if you're not a fan of cringe-worthy scars, you're gonna wanna look away.

The Houston Texans superstar shared a video of his rehab progress on Friday after going down with a fractured tibial plateau in his left leg early in October ... showing his first steps without crutches or a brace.

While the walking is a great sign for Watt's improving health, the scar on his left leg is something serious.

BTW ... despite being sidelined, Watt's been continuing to put in work for Hurricane Harvey relief, and was able to finally check out some of the rebuilding in person on Thursday.

Shareef O'Neal Injured Slams Head on Court ... During Brutal Fall

11/28/2017 12:10 PM PST

Scary moment for Shareef O'Neal ... who appeared to be seriously injured during a high school basketball game Monday night when he went up for a shot and came down on his head.

Shaq's son was making his senior season debut for Crossroads High School in a game against Beverly Hills High and was lighting it up with 31 points ... until the injury.

Shareef went up in traffic for a layup, but his legs got tangled with the defenders -- and he came crashing down hard without bracing himself. You can hear the crack on the court -- and Shareef was holding his head in pain afterward.

O'Neal eventually got up but didn't go back in the game. We're told he's now in the team concussion protocol and will miss Tuesday night's game as a precaution.

Shareef is one of the top high school players in the country and has already committed to the University of Arizona

Get well soon, man.

Billy Bush Hospitalized After Getting Hit ... By a Golf Ball

11/27/2017 6:02 PM PST

Billy Bush clearly didn't hear the "FORE!!" on the green ... 'cause he was struck by a golf ball that sent him to the hospital.

Bush posted a few pics Monday of his hospital visit at Cedars-Sinai in L.A. where he was treated for what appears to be a head injury. Unclear when exactly this happened, but from the looks of one of these photos ... he got jacked up good.

The ex "Today" show co-host captioned his post ... "FORE!! Thanks nurse Katrina, jovi, Jenn, Mercy @cedarsinai for the bed, the care, the ice. I think I dodged a bullet...but sadly not a golf ball. Scan is clear, let the jokes begin."

Although Billy says everything was fine, it looks like he changed out of his shirt during his stay ... which makes us wonder if he was there overnight. 

Whatever the case ... glad you're doing better, Billy. Next time, wear a helmet out there.

Ray J & Princess Love We ARE Pregnant!!! Here's the Proof

11/27/2017 2:13 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Ray J's wife, Princess Love, is pregnant despite what the doubters say... and the sonogram proves it.

Ray J went on "The Real" Monday morning and announced he and Princess are expecting their first child. After the announcement, a bunch of people on social media were calling BS. 

The sonogram was performed 2 weeks ago.

We're told the two tried for a long time to get pregnant, and it finally happened. The baby is expected in the summer.

Freddie Roach To Jesse Jackson: Here's How to Kick Parkinson's Ass

11/26/2017 12:20 AM PST

Legendary trainer Freddie Roach has a potentially lifesaving tip for Rev. Jesse Jackson in the wake of his Parkinson's diagnosis -- strap on the gloves and start boxing!!

Freddie's speaking from personal experience ... conquering Parkinson's for over 3 decades with the help of hand-eye coordination drills (AKA hitting and holding mitts).

"Boxing probably saved my life," Roach told TMZ Sports at his Wild Card Boxing gym in L.A.

Jackson says he's gonna do whatever it takes to fight the disease ... so Roach's sport could be a real option for the Rev.

But whether or not takes up boxing, Freddie's got a powerful message for RJJ -- "You just can’t give up, can’t let it take over."

UFC's Frankie Edgar I Broke My Face ... And It Frickin' Sucks

11/22/2017 12:09 PM PST

UFC star Frankie Edgar says he's still bummed out after breaking a bone in his face ... but not 'cause it actually hurt or anything.

Frankie was lined up to fight featherweight champ Max Holloway at UFC 218 next weekend, but had to pull out a couple weeks ago after his orbital bone was cracked in a sparring sesh.

Edgar says the pain of missing his title shot is WAY worse than the pain from his broken eye bone. 

"It's not bad -- the timing's what makes it worse. As far as timing, what's on the line, it's one of the worst I've dealt with," he told TMZ Sports.

Frankie guarantees he'll get the gold when he's back to being healthy ... and in the meantime, he's keeping busy with charitable events -- like a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway put on by Eat Clean Bro in New Jersey.


76ers' Markelle Fultz Mad Props for Cancer Survivor ... 'Better Shooter Than Me'

11/21/2017 10:17 AM PST
Breaking News

NBA #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz has a new BFF -- 17-year-old cancer survivor Mike Shelly, who's insane half-court shot at Saturday's 76ers game led to a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience.

Here's the deal ... Mike balled out in a shooting contest during Sixers vs. Warriors, winning Chick-fil-A (Markelle's favorite thing ever) for all the fans in the arena.

Pretty epic -- but Shelly's no stranger to overcoming the odds ... crushing stage 4 cancer to suit up for his high school football team.

So when Mike got an invite back to the Wells Fargo Center, Fultz gave him a hero's welcome -- telling him he had a better jumper and asking if they could bro out over some chicken sandwiches! (The 76ers hooked Mike up with 76 Chick-fil-A gift cards, FYI). 

The franchise also gave Shelly courtside seats, a future road trip with the squad and more!

Awesome story.


WWE Legend Kamala Fighting for His Life After Surgery

11/20/2017 3:43 PM PST
Breaking News

Pro wrestling legend Kamala is on life support after undergoing emergency surgery at an Oxford, Mississippi hospital on Sunday ... according to social media posts from his friends and family.

Kamala's stepdaughter says doctors didn't think he would make it out of surgery alive ... but he managed to pull through and is now "showing signs of improvement," reports ProWrestlingSheet.

Kamala -- real name James Harris -- was a mainstay for the WWF in the '80s and '90s ... feuding with Hall of Fame superstars like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Harris fell on hard times after leaving the pro wrestling scene. Both of his legs were amputated below the knees between 2011-2012 due to complications from diabetes ... and in 2014, he revealed that he and his wife were scraping by on his disability checks.

Donald Trump LaVar Tweets Prove He's Sick ... Says Deepak Chopra

11/20/2017 7:52 AM PST

Donald Trump's Twitter hate against LaVar Ball and others is proof that he's sick and unfit to be president -- so says alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra.

"I feel he’s in a lot of pain and suffering. He probably never got validation from his parents ... so he needs to be validated every day, every hour, every minute," Deepak told TMZ Sports.

With that said, Chopra says there's only 1 logical thing for Trump to do.

"Relinquish the presidency ... for his health, and the health of his family, and health of the country, and the health of the world."

Deepak added that he feels sorry for POTUS -- and is willing to help him with a week of private meditation on the house!!

Sounds better than fighting Big Ballers on social media ...

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