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Chuck Liddell

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Chuck Liddell was born on December 17, 1969 in Santa Barbara, California, USA as Charles David Liddell. He is known for his work on Drillbit Taylor (2008), UFC 47: It's On! (2004) and UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz (2006).  See full bio on IMDb »

Chuck Liddell: Floyd Mayweather Can't Fight in the UFC, 'He's Gonna Get Hurt'

Chuck Liddell
Floyd Can't Fight in the UFC ... 'He's Gonna Get Hurt'

UFC legend Chuck Liddell says there ain't a chance Floyd Mayweather steps inside the Octagon -- 'cause any MMA fighter would beat the living hell outta him!! "C'mon man -- he can't… READ MORE >

Chuck Liddell: Chael Sonnen is a Damn Liar, I Didn't Turn Down Crap!

Chuck Liddell
Chael Sonnen Is a Damn Liar ... I Didn't Turn Down Crap!

Chuck Liddell says Chael Sonnen's claim that he turned down multiple offers to fight him is complete and utter BS ... and he ain't gonna let it slide. "I've never been offered a fight with… READ MORE >

- 50 days ago
Chael Sonnen Says Chuck Liddell Rejected 2 Offers to Fight Him

Chael Sonnen
Chuck Liddell Turned Down Fight ... TWICE!!

Chael Sonnen says all the Iceman's trash talk was a bunch of hot air ... 'cause Chuck Liddell rejected 2 DIFFERENT OFFERS to fight him, killing their potential matchup.  "That's just… READ MORE >

- 77 days ago
Chuck Liddell: Chael Sonnen Would Be 'Warm-Up Fight,' If I Came Back

Chuck Liddell
Chael Would Be 'Warm-Up Fight' ... If I Came Back

Chuck Liddell says he hasn't ruled out an MMA comeback -- and if he does return, Chael Sonnen would be a great "warm-up fight." The 47-year-old UFC legend has been training pretty regularly at… READ MORE >

- 118 days ago
Chuck Liddell: Boxers Should Stick to Boxing, 'Stay There'

Chuck Liddell
Hey, Boxers ... Stay in Your Sport

Chuck Liddell's got a message for all the big-name boxers trying to transition to MMA ... DON'T DO IT -- unless you wanna embarrass yourself.  "Guys coming from boxing -- stay there," Chuck… READ MORE >

- 141 days ago
Chuck Liddell Says He'd Smash Chael Sonnen in Rumored Comeback Fight

UFC Legend Chuck Liddell
I'd Whoop Chael ... Fuels Return Rumors

Chuck Liddell vs. Chael Sonnen ain't happenin' just yet ... but the Iceman hinted that the legends fight could go down -- if the money's right.  We got Chuck at LAX ... and the UFC… READ MORE >

- 168 days ago
Chuck Liddell to Floyd: Wanna Impress Me? Knock McGregor Out!

Chuck Liddell to Floyd:
Wanna Impress Me? Knock McGregor Out!

Chuck Liddell has a challenge for Floyd Mayweather -- you really wanna make a statement? Don't run from Conor McGregor ... KNOCK HIM OUT!  The Iceman was out in Calabasas when he said he'd… READ MORE >

- 200 days ago
Chuck Liddell Teases UFC Comeback, 'We'll See' (VIDEO)

UFC Legend Chuck Liddell
Teases Comeback ... 'We'll See!'

Is the Iceman cometh backeth???  One thing's for sure -- 47-year-old Chuck Liddell is definitely not ruling it out!!  After Chuck's old coach, Jack Hackleman, said last week that Chuck… READ MORE >

- 259 days ago
Chuck Liddell Interested In Handling Trump's 'Dirty Work' (VIDEO)

Chuck Liddell
I'll Handle Trump's Dirty Work ... For a Price!!!

As if Chuck Liddell hasn't beaten up enough people for one lifetime ... Donald Trump has his share of haters, so the Secret Service may need some help, and Liddell is game ... but there are… READ MORE >

- 399 days ago
Chuck Liddell Nervous about Betting on Rousey (VIDEO)

Chuck Liddell
I'd Be Nervous Betting On Rousey The 'Mental Stuff' is Super Iffy

Anyone betting on Ronda Rousey to beat Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 should be shakin' in their boots ... so says former UFC star Chuck Liddell. TMZ Sports got the Iceman at LAX Wednesday and he… READ MORE >

- 403 days ago
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