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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who made headlines when he began sitting or taking a knee as the National Anthem played in the stadium during the 2016 football preseason. The mixed race athlete was using his notoriety to give voice to the voiceless. He was making a political statement about racism, oppression, and police brutality in America by opting out of the “Star-Spangled Banner” prior to games. Other athletes followed suit in solidarity, but Kaepernick faced threats and backlash from critics. Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987 to white biological mother Heidi Russo in Milwaukee, WI. He was adopted and raised by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, a white couple, in Turlock, CA. He attended the University of Nevada and is the founder of the Colin Kaepernick Foundation to fight oppression. Colin also hosts the Know Your Rights Camp for youth to get educated on how to interact with law enforcement. Kaepernick was featured on the cover of the October 3, 2016 issue of “Time” magazine.

Three Philadelphia Eagles Players Stay In Tunnel For National Anthem

Philadelphia Eagles
Three Players Stay In Tunnel ... For National Anthem

The demonstrations in the NFL continued in Foxboro on Thursday night -- where three Philadelphia Eagles players stayed inside the tunnel during the national anthem.  Malcolm Jenkins, Michael… READ MORE >

Serena Williams Says Colin Kaepernick Would Win Super Bowl If Hired

Serena Williams
Kaepernick Would Win Super Bowl ... If Hired

Well, this is interesting ...  Serena Williams -- who owns a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins -- says she's convinced, if a team hired Colin Kaepernick, he would win the Super Bowl. … READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Donald Trump Furious After More NFL Players Take a Knee

Donald Trump
Furious After More NFL Players Take a Knee

Donald Trump is pissed off at two Miami Dolphins receivers who continued the "take a knee" demonstration into the 2018 NFL season ... and now he's calling for them to be suspended.  Both… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Praises Kenny Stills for Taking a Knee

Colin Kaepernick
Praises Kenny Stills ... For Taking a Knee

Trump hated it ... but, Colin Kaepernick had nothing but love for Kenny Stills and other NFL players who demonstrated during the national anthem on Thursday night.  Stills -- along with… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Madden 19 Puts Kaepernick's Name Back In Video Game Soundtrack

Madden 19
Kaepernick's Name Back In Soundtrack

EA Sports has fixed the Colin Kaepernick "mistake" -- removing the edit that scrubbed the QB's name from a song that's on the soundtrack for the Madden NFL 19 video game.  As we previously… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
Mickey Rourke Supports NFL Kneelers, Hates 'Garbage Can' Trump

Mickey Rourke
Trump's a 'Garbage Can' Prez ... I Support NFL Kneelers

Mickey Rourke tells TMZ Sports ... Donald Trump is a "garbage can" president -- and he'd gladly protest with the NFL kneelers as a way to stick it to our "sh**ty" Commander in Chief.  "The… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
YG Says Madden CEO Called to Apologize Over Kaepernick Scandal

Madden CEO Called to Apologize Over Kaep Attack ... But Is Sorry Enough?

YG, whose song "Big Bank" triggered a fierce war that goes to the heart of civil rights and racial prejudice in America, says the Madden CEO called him to express regret over editing out Colin… READ MORE >

- 16 days ago
Al Sharpton Questions EA Sports' Apology To Colin Kaepernick, 'I'm Very Suspect!'

Al Sharpton
Questions EA Sports' Apology ... 'I'm Very Suspect!'

Al Sharpton is very skeptical of EA's statement on why it removed Colin Kaepernick's name from the Madden 19 soundtrack ... telling TMZ Sports, "I'm questioning their intentions." The creators of… READ MORE >

- 16 days ago
Colin Kaepernick's Name Will Be Added Back to Madden 19 Soundtrack

Colin Kaepernick
Back in the (Video) Game ... Madden 19 Makers Issue Apology

Colin Kaepernick's name will be added back to the soundtrack on Madden 19 ... according to a statement by the video game's developers. According to EA, it was all an unfortunate misunderstanding.… READ MORE >

- 17 days ago
Big Sean Rips NFL and Madden 19 for Kaepernick Edit, 'He's Not a Curse!'

Big Sean
NFL & Madden Went Behind My Back ... Kaepernick's Not a Curse Word!!

Big Sean's pointing a finger at the NFL for editing his lyrics and removing Colin Kaepernick's name from the song "Big Bank" as it appears in Madden 19. Sean called the move "disappointing and… READ MORE >

- 18 days ago
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