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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who made headlines when he began sitting or taking a knee as the National Anthem played in the stadium during the 2016 football preseason. The mixed race athlete was using his notoriety to give voice to the voiceless. He was making a political statement about racism, oppression, and police brutality in America by opting out of the “Star-Spangled Banner” prior to games. Other athletes followed suit in solidarity, but Kaepernick faced threats and backlash from critics. Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987 to white biological mother Heidi Russo in Milwaukee, WI. He was adopted and raised by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, a white couple, in Turlock, CA. He attended the University of Nevada and is the founder of the Colin Kaepernick Foundation to fight oppression. Colin also hosts the Know Your Rights Camp for youth to get educated on how to interact with law enforcement. Kaepernick was featured on the cover of the October 3, 2016 issue of “Time” magazine.

Colin Kaepernick Surfaces After NFL Protests, Smiling & Jacked

Colin Kaepernick
Surfaces After NFL Protests Smiling & Jacked

Colin Kaepernick doesn't seem to be phased by President Trump calling him a "son of a bitch" -- he surfaced in NYC on Monday on his way to the gym ... and he looks ready to… READ MORE >

Jim Brown Blasts Parents of 8-Year-Old Football Protesters, 'Exploitation'

Jim Brown
Blasts Parents of 8-Year-Old Football Protesters ... 'Exploitation'

Jim Brown tells TMZ Sports he's got a big problem with the 8-year-old football team that took a knee during the national anthem this week ... saying, "I thought that was exploitation." The NFL… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
Common Praises Colin Kaepernick in Wake of President Trump's NFL Bashing

Colin Kaepernick Has Saved Lives He'll Go Down in History!!!

Common's responding to President Trump's bashing of "son of a bitch" NFL players who take a knee during the anthem by going another route -- calmly praising the man who did it first as a hero. We… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
Donald Trump Bashes NFL National Anthem Protesters, Fire Those SOB's!

Donald Trump
Bashes NFL National Anthem Protesters Fire Those SOB's!

Donald Trump says any NFL player who takes a knee during the National Anthem should be fired -- and referred to them as sons of bitches. "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Nick Cannon Joins Protesters in St. Louis Wearing Colin Kaepernick Jersey

Nick Cannon
Joins St. Louis Protesters ... Wearing Kaepernick Jersey

Nick Cannon is on the front lines of protests in St. Louis ... and he's doing it in a Colin Kaepernick jersey. Well lookie who just walked up and joined the #Stockley protest. @NickCannon #stl… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Jay-Z Dedicates 'The Story of O.J.' to Colin Kaepernick During Live Show

'Story of O.J.' Live ... This One's For Kaep!

Colin Kaepernick's plight in the NFL has seeped into the upper echelons of hip-hop ... 'cause Jay-Z dedicated 1 of his most racially charged songs to the QB during a live show. Jay Z Dedicates… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Wins MVP of NFLPA Weekly Community Award

Colin Kaepernick
Wins MVP ... of Community Service

Colin Kaepernick isn't suiting up on Sundays, but he's still rackin' up MVP awards ... for his community service. The NFL Players Association announced Kaep as the winner of its weekly Community… READ MORE >

- 38 days ago
Tom Brady: I've Never Had a Conversation with Colin Kaepernick

Tom Brady
I've Never Had a Conversation with Kaepernick

Tom Brady says he doesn't have any sort of relationship with Colin Kaepernick -- explaining, "I've never really had a conversation with him." The New England Patriots QB called in to WEEI radio… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Kid Rock: Kaepernick Is Unemployed Because He Sucks, Not Over Protest

Kid Rock
Kaepernick Is Unemployed Because He Sucks ... Not Over Protest

Colin Kaepernick is NOT being blackballed by the NFL, he's unemployed because he's not a good quarterback -- so says Kid Rock.  The rock star has been blasting Kaepernick at his concerts for… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Steph Curry: Free Colin Kaepernick, Protests 'Shook Up the World'

Steph Curry
Free Kaepernick ... He 'Shook Up the World'

Steph Curry is disgusted that Colin Kaepernick is still in the unemployment line ... and he's got a message for all the NFL teams refusing to sign him -- FREE KAEP. Steph was in attendance for the… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
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