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Danny Masterson

Masterson was born in Garden City, Long Island, New York, to Carol, who was his manager, and Peter Masterson, a State Farm Insurance agent.Was a child model at the tender age of four before taking the turn to acting.Older brother of actor Christopher Masterson.Co-hosted the Fox-TV special Woodstock '99 (1999) (TV) with his "That '70s Show" (1998) co-star Wilmer Valderrama.He is frequently the guest DJ in several Los Angeles clubs, going by the name DJ DonkeyPunch, but later changed the name to DJ Mom Jeans.

Bijou Phillips Rushed to Hospital, Needs Kidney Transplant

Bijou Phillips
Rushed to Hospital Needs Kidney Transplant

2:30 PM PT -- Bijou's rep, Jenni Weinman, tells us, "Bijou was born with small kidneys and has been quietly dealing with kidney disease for the last 5 years, including being on the transplant… READ MORE >

Gerard Butler Sued for Overtime Pay at Korean BBQ Joint

Gerard Butler Sued
Ex-Workers Claim They're Owed Overtime Pay

Gerard Butler and a slew of other stars have been sued for allegedly stiffing two former employees out of overtime pay at a Hollywood restaurant the celebs co-own.The ex-workers -- a cook and a… READ MORE >

- 2021 days ago
Celebrity Scruff vs. Smooth -- Vote!

Celebrity Scruff vs. Smooth

Some of Hollywood's smoothest actors have had to sport beards from time to time. Check out these leading men and tell us if you prefer them with or without face scruff.Hair today, gone tomorrow. READ MORE >

- 2060 days ago
'70s Show' Star -- I Got Nailed in Real Estate Scam!

'70s Show' Star -- I Got Nailed in Real Estate Scam!

Danny Masterson -- who played Hyde on "That '70s Show" -- tried to dabble in a little real estate back in 2007 ... but claims he was duped into holding the bag on a $3.2 million condo that was… READ MORE >

- 2419 days ago
Danny Masterson Sued Over Pricey Condo

Danny Masterson
Sued Over Pricey Condo

Danny Masterson from "That 70s Show" is now an official victim of the housing collapse -- he's being sued for nearly $3 mil over a condo deal gone very bad.Danny took out an astounding $3.2… READ MORE >

- 2537 days ago
Masterson vs. Masterson: Who'd You Rather?!

Masterson vs. Masterson
Who'd You Rather?

Actors/brothers/Scientologists Danny Masterson, 33, and Christopher Masterson, 29, showed off their beards at the same NYC event.Question is ... See Also Ballas vs. Hough: Who'd You Rather?  READ MORE >

- 2643 days ago
Sundance and The Kids

Sundance and The Kids

Dennis Quaid took a much needed break from twin stress to attend Sundance Film Festival -- but he wasn't talking about Tom Cruise. Also at Sundance:, and Danny "DJ Donkey Punch"… READ MORE >

- 3324 days ago
David Beckham Won't Come Out and Play

David Beckham Won't Come Out and Play

Brit soccer hottie David Beckham came, saw and ... got benched? Only a week after conquering American shores, Becks found out that a bum ankle will keep him from playing soccer today. Beckham's… READ MORE >

- 3509 days ago
Hayden Coy at Koi

Hayden Coy at Koi

She's hot, she's young (underage) and she's out on the town! Cameras caught teen hottie Hayden Panettiere in La La Land, arriving at Koi with a few gal pals. After her meal, Hayden sneaked out the… READ MORE >

- 3512 days ago
Prince and Danny Masterson Walk Into a Bar...

Prince and Danny Masterson
Walk Into a Bar...

No, it's not the beginning of a joke, but it could be. Prince insisted on having a table that was occupied by the DJ and his super-rich buddies. It all went down at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas two… READ MORE >

- 3688 days ago

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