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DMX Back in Jail and Eating Healthy, Maybe

Sucks to Be Back in Prison But At Least I'm Eating Good!!!

DMX has one good thing going for him behind bars -- the menu is loaded with options ... sweet, filling and healthy ... ish. Federal law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... DMX is now at the… READ MORE >

DMX Going Back to Jail for Failing Drug Tests

Back to Jail for Failing Drug Tests

DMX is going back to jail -- he was taken into custody in a Manhattan court Tuesday morning for failing drug tests ... a violation of his probation in his tax evasion case. We're told the… READ MORE >

- 50 days ago
DMX Preaches God's Word in Airport Bar While Buying Shots

Here's What God Can Do for You And Here's a Shot, Too!!!

DMX is in rehab for substance abuse, but apparently those substances don't include alcohol ... based on this video of the rapper preaching ... in a Chili's bar!! X was at the airport bar and… READ MORE >

- 57 days ago
DMX Gets Out of Rehab to Perform Albany Concert

Out of Rehab ... But Not for Long

DMX is getting out of rehab, but it's only temporary ... to treat his fans in Albany to a show. A New York judge gave the rapper the green light to travel, with a drug counselor, to perform a… READ MORE >

- 103 days ago
DMX Strikes Plea Deal in Tax Evasion Case

Fesses Up to Uncle Sam in Plea Deal

12:54 PM -- DMX's lawyer Murray Richman tells TMZ ... X told the court he knowingly did not pay taxes on royalties and other monies. He goes on to say the rapper is worried about the possibility… READ MORE >

- 111 days ago
DMX Gained Weight During Rehab, And Apparently Plans to Keep It

Life in Rehab ... Bigger & Better Than Ever

DMX is handling his legal business and his diet like a grown ass man after going to rehab. We got X Thursday outside court in NYC, where he had a hearing on his tax evasion case. Afterward, he… READ MORE >

- 167 days ago
DMX Is Clean & Sober Finally But Staying In Rehab

Clean & Sober ... But Staying In Rehab

DMX just might pull a Gucci Mane because X's lawyer tells us the rapper's cleaned up so much in rehab, he's "back to being human again." We spoke with Murray Richman who told us X has already… READ MORE >

- 182 days ago
DMX Heads to Rehab, 'House Arrest Wasn't Working'

Heads to Rehab 'House Arrest Wasn't Working'

DMX says he's opting to check outta house arrest and into rehab -- taking full advantage of a judge's decision ... TMZ has learned. X says, "House arrest wasn't working for me, so I made the… READ MORE >

- 203 days ago
DMX Gets Off House Arrest, But ONLY to Enter Drug Program

Judge to DMX
I'll Let You Off House Arrest If You Get Into a Drug Program

DMX is off house arrest with one big catch -- he's gotta check into a treatment program to get clean ... TMZ has learned.  A judge signed off this week on X entering an inpatient… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
Usain Bolt & Dwyane Wade Go Full DMX In Greek Nightclub

Usain & D-Wade
GO FULL DMX ... In Greek Nightclub

They stopped. They dropped. They shut 'em down AND opened up shop.  Usain Bolt and Dwyane Wade went all the way back to '98 at a nightclub in Greece Tuesday night -- grabbing the mic and… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
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