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Howie Mandel

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The story goes that huggable stand-up comedian Howie Mandel, who ran a carpet business once upon a time, began his show biz career by chance while catching amateur night at the Comedy Store on the L.A. Sunset Strip during a vacation. Goaded on by friends to try out, a producer spotted him, hired him for an appearance on the comedy game show "Make Me Laugh," and the rest is history. Talk about luck! Born in Toronto, Canada in 1955, Howie became a highly affable performer who quickly graduated to TV talk shows and Vegas gigs. Six years on, the critically-acclaimed St. Elsewhere (1982) medical drama not only increased his visibility but earned him Emmy nominations. An affinity for children led him to the Emmy-nominated animated kids' series Bobby's World (1990) serving as creator, executive producer and vocal talent. Film stardom has been elusive with silly, bumbling vehicles such as A Fine Mess (1986), Walk Like a Man (1987) and Little Monsters (1989) failing to click with audiences. Kids, however, enjoyed his cuddly voice as Gizmo, in the Gremlins (1984) film series. Following his own failed talk show The Howie Mandel Show (1998) during the 1998-1999 season, Howie has managed a full time schedule of concerts and comedy specials that keeps him current with today's audiences.  See full bio on IMDb »

Larry David Hilariously Mocks Howie Mandel with Assist from Doc Rivers

Larry David
Hilariously Mocks Howie Mandel With Assist from Doc Rivers

Here's what you need to know about this video ...  Howie Mandel and Larry David both have a "thing" when it comes to shaking hands.  Howie's got mysophobia and won't do it because of… READ MORE >

Howie Mandel Offers Mel B a New Nanny for Next Season of 'AGT' (VIDEO)

Howie Mandel
I Got Your New Nanny, Mel B!

Howie Mandel thinks it's not too soon to joke about Mel B's divorce drama -- as evidenced by the nanny "news" he broke to us.  We got Howie heading into the Laugh Factory Wednesday… READ MORE >

- 258 days ago
Howie Mandel Begs Nick Cannon to Return to 'AGT' (VIDEO)

Howie Mandel to Nick Cannon
Please Come Back!!!

Howie Mandel did everything but drop to his knees ... begging Nick Cannon to return as host of "America's Got Talent." Howie -- 1 of 4 judges on the talent show -- made a… READ MORE >

- 331 days ago
Howie Mandel Says Trump's Germaphobe Excuse Isn't Legit (VIDEO)

Donald Trump
Germaphobe Excuse Doesn't Wash With Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel -- maybe the most famous germaphobe -- is calling BS on Donald Trump's claim he's one too ... because it just doesn't make sense in this particular alleged situation. Howie… READ MORE >

- 378 days ago
Howie Mandel -- Accused of Trashing Moroccan Tiles ... Now Deal with This Lawsuit

Howie Mandel
Accused of Trashing Moroccan Tiles Now Deal with This Lawsuit

Howie Mandel's TV show went too far while filming a prank inside an L.A. restaurant -- leaving the business trashed to the tune of more than 100K ... according to a new lawsuit.The owner of… READ MORE >

- 1455 days ago
Heidi Klum -- I'm Ready to 'X' You

Heidi Klum
I'm Ready to 'X' You

Heidi Klum is ready to hit the big red button on "America's Got Talent" -- telling TMZ, she's super excited to judge on the upcoming season ... and Howie Mandel is already taking every opportunity… READ MORE >

- 1787 days ago
Howie Mandel to Cops: People Are Screwing in My Bathroom!!!

Howie Mandel to Cops
People are Screwing In My Bathroom!!!

Howie Mandel summoned cops early this morning because it sounded to him like people were having sex in his bathroom ... TMZ has learned.Want to know more? Well Howie was having a 4th of July party… READ MORE >

- 2029 days ago
'America's Got Talent' Star -- My Smashed Nuts Are Fine!

'America's Got Talent' Star
My Smashed Nuts Are Fine!

Don't worry America -- the guy who got his nads bashed about a million times on "America's Got Talent" this week, tells TMZ ... his family jewels are totally fine. In case you missed it ... Zac… READ MORE >

- 2073 days ago
Simon Cowell -- Howard Stern Ain't Stupid, He'll Behave on 'Talent'

Simon Cowell
Howard Stern Ain't Stupid -- He'll Behave on 'Talent'

"American's Got Talent" honcho Simon Cowell thinks the Parents Television Council has NOTHING to worry about now that Howard Stern is joining the show ... telling TMZ, "If he goes too far, he'll… READ MORE >

- 2232 days ago
Howie Mandel -- Intruder CONTAMINATED My Home!

Howie Mandel
Intruder CONTAMINATED My Home!

Howie Mandel is experiencing every germaphobe's WORST nightmare -- discovering an intruder was lurking in his home ... and possibly TOUCHED SOMETHING!Law enforcements sources tell TMZ -- Howie was… READ MORE >

- 2344 days ago
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