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Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine LaJuane Jackson (also known as Mohammad Abdul Aziz) (born December 11, 1954) is an American singer, bassist, composer, a member of The Jackson 5 and occasional film director. He also produced and recorded duets with American singer Whitney Houston in her early years as a recording artist and was also a producer for Bobby DeBarge's band Switch. Jackson is the fourth child of Joseph and Katherine Jackson, born in Gary, Indiana after his brother Tito Jackson. His brothers and sisters are Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet. He was raised as a Jehovah's Witness by his devout mother (though he later converted to Islam in 1989 after a trip to Bahrain). Jermaine was the original lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Jackson Brothers—an earlier incarnation of The Jackson Five—until 1968, when younger brother Michael began assisting with lead vocals. He remained the lead vocalist with Michael for many years. Jackson graduated from Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California in 1973. Jermaine and his brothers signed with Motown Records in 1968. As the co-lead singer of The Jackson 5 after his brother Michael, Jermaine sang notable parts

Jermaine Jackson 'Disgusted' By Conrad Murray's Release

Jermaine Jackson
'Disgusted' By Murray's Release

Jermaine Jackson isn't just furious that Conrad Murray is a free man -- just 2 years after Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter -- Jermaine is "disgusted."Michael's bro expressed his… READ MORE >

Jermaine Jackson -- Pay Child Support, Or Go Directly To Jail

Jermaine Jackson
Pay Child Support Or Go Directly to Jail

Jermaine Jackson could be playing to 5,000 people soon ... the inmates at a L.A. County Jail ... a place he may be calling home soon if he doesn't ante up back child support.Jermaine is falling… READ MORE >

- 336 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Conrad Murray's Walking Free and My Family's Pissed

Jermaine Jackson
Conrad Murray's Walking Free And My Family is PISSED

Michael Jackson's family is suffering its second crushing blow this month -- Conrad Murray is about to be a free man ... and Jermaine Jackson says it's almost too much for them to handle.Jermaine… READ MORE >

- 345 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Proud Ferrari Owner Has Wages Garnished for Child Support

Jermaine Jackson
Proud Ferrari Owner Wages Garnished for Child Support

The very day Jermaine Jackson became the owner of a $160,000, 2009 Ferrari California ... he had his wages garnished because he was behind on his child support ... TMZ has learned.According to… READ MORE >

- 350 days ago
Katherine Jackson -- PISSED That Jermaine Bought Ferrari

Katherine Jackson
PISSED Jermaine Bought that Ferrari!

Katherine Jackson feels like SHE'S been taken for a ride ... by her debt-plagued son Jermaine, who plunked down a huge amount of cash on a Ferrari ... sources close to the Jacksons tell TMZ.As we… READ MORE >

- 351 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Drops Big Money On Ferrari During MJ Jury Deliberations

Jermaine Jackson
Drops Big Bucks On Ferrari During MJ Jury Deliberations

Jermaine Jackson may have put the cart before the Ferrari this week ... he bought this wildly expensive whip while the MJ jury was deciding whether to give his family as much as $40 billion. … READ MORE >

- 353 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- The Big Winner in Michael Jackson Trial ... Maybe

Jermaine Jackson
The Big Winner In MJ Trial ... Maybe

If Katherine Jackson wins her lawsuit against AEG ... the BIG winner isn't really Katherine or Michael's 3 kids ... more likely it's Jermaine Jackson, along with Tito, Randy and Marlon.We got… READ MORE >

- 356 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Paris Jackson Needs Discipline

Jermaine Jackson
Paris Jackson Needs Discipline

Paris Jackson does NOT respect authority ... so says her uncle Jermaine Jackson ... who insinuated that P's cutting incident was an overreaction to being told she couldn't go to a concert. TMZ… READ MORE >

- 447 days ago
Jackson Brothers -- Grief-Stricken on Death Anniversary ... 'We Miss Him Every Day'

Jackson Brothers
Grief-Stricken on Death Anniversary 'We Miss Him Every Day'

Michael Jackson's death anniversary is a particularly hard day for members of his family, especially his brothers, who tell TMZ ... he is still loved and missed everyday. Jackie, Marlon, Tito and… READ MORE >

- 455 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Come To My Jackson Resort!

Jermaine Jackson
Come to My Jackson Resort!

Move over Dollywood ... Jermaine Jackson has his eye on a Jackson-family themed resort -- but it's not so much an homage to Michael as it is to the Jackson with the best name -- Jermaine's… READ MORE >

- 478 days ago

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