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Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine LaJuane Jackson (also known as Mohammad Abdul Aziz) (born December 11, 1954) is an American singer, bassist, composer, a member of The Jackson 5 and occasional film director. He also produced and recorded duets with American singer Whitney Houston in her early years as a recording artist and was also a producer for Bobby DeBarge's band Switch. Jackson is the fourth child of Joseph and Katherine Jackson, born in Gary, Indiana after his brother Tito Jackson. His brothers and sisters are Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet. He was raised as a Jehovah's Witness by his devout mother (though he later converted to Islam in 1989 after a trip to Bahrain). Jermaine was the original lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Jackson Brothers—an earlier incarnation of The Jackson Five—until 1968, when younger brother Michael began assisting with lead vocals. He remained the lead vocalist with Michael for many years. Jackson graduated from Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California in 1973. Jermaine and his brothers signed with Motown Records in 1968. As the co-lead singer of The Jackson 5 after his brother Michael, Jermaine sang notable parts

Jermaine Jackson's Wife -- I'm No Criminal, Because He Spit on Me

Jermaine Jackson's Wife
I'm No Criminal, Because He Spit On Me

Jermaine Jackson's wife Halima won't be criminally charged for biting her hubby in the leg, because of what he did to her ... TMZ has learned. Our law enforcement sources say their investigation… READ MORE >

Jermaine Jackson -- Is That a Bag of Oranges Or ... (PHOTO)

Jermaine Jackson
Is That a Bag of Oranges Or ...

It's usually Jermaine Jackson's bizarrely immaculate hairline that mesmerizes ... but his tight leather pants stole the show Wednesday in Calabasas.   The Jacksons are still a BIG deal.… READ MORE >

- 506 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- I Still Love My Wife ... After Her Domestic Violence Arrest

Jermaine Jackson
I Still Love My Wife After Dom. Violence Arrest

Jermaine Jackson's wife got busted for allegedly biting into his leg -- but he's still trying to work things out with her. Jackson tried to downplay Halima Rashid's arrest with our photog,… READ MORE >

- 512 days ago
Jermaine Jackson's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence

Jermaine Jackson's Wife
Arrested For Domestic Violence

Jermaine Jackson's wife was arrested for domestic violence after the couple had a dispute over the holiday weekend ... TMZ has learned. Halima Rashid was arrested on Saturday evening at their home… READ MORE >

- 514 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- I Don't Want My Childhood Home to Be a Tourist Trap!! (VIDEO)

Jermaine Jackson
My Childhood Home Shouldn't Be a Tourist Trap!

Michael Jackson fans hoping to visit his legendary family home in Encino, CA might not get their wish ... if Jermaine Jackson has his way. Jermaine told our photog he's dead set against the idea… READ MORE >

- 626 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- If Paris Is In Love ... I'm Down with Marriage!!! (VIDEO)

Jermaine Jackson
If Paris is in Love I'm Down with Marriage!!!

Jermaine Jackson has a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to his niece Paris Jackson, because he's down with her getting hitched at 17 if she's truly in love. Paris and BF Chet Castellaw were… READ MORE >

- 713 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- That Hair Is Tight ... Soooo Tight

Jermaine Jackson
That Hair Is Tight ... Soooo Tight

Jermaine Jackson's hair is keeping a secret ... and it has to do with The Jackson Five.We ran into Jermaine in Calabasas Thursday ... and what he told us is mind-bending. Look at his hair today,… READ MORE >

- 940 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- The Hair You Save

Jermaine Jackson
The Hair You Save

Jermaine Jackson's hair is ... well, unexplainable.Feel free to try making sense of this in the comments. READ MORE >

- 945 days ago
Jermaine Jackson to NFL -- GET OVER NIPPLEGATE ... Janet Ban Is 'Crazy'

Jermaine Jackson to NFL:
GET OVER NIPPLEGATE Janet Jackson Ban Is 'Crazy'

How does Jermaine Jackson feel about the NFL blacklisting his sister from performing at the Super Bowl halftime show? Simple -- "That sucks."Jermaine was out in L.A. when we broke the news to… READ MORE >

- 983 days ago
Jermaine Jackson -- Michael Jackson Would've Set Justin Bieber Straight

Jermaine Jackson
MJ Would Have Set Bieber Straight

Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber would've been tight ... so says Jermaine Jackson ... but he also thinks MJ would have put the Biebs in his place.Our photog spotted Jermaine at LAX yesterday, and… READ MORE >

- 1053 days ago
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